Monday, March 12, 2018

Who's Coach Jackie?

Hello Everyone! Jackie here just sharing info and back story about me. (See below). I'm not your ordinary 'coach' and health friend, but you don't know until you message me. I'd love to cheer you on your health journey. Have you started? restarted? or already succeeding? I'd love to be on your sidelines cheering you! - hire me!  It's all free! - The only cost is your health to you - are you being personally responsible for your health and wellness? It's better if you have friends, support, and information available to you to empower you to be. I'm here to help empower you! Let's do this!

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Coach Jackie is “Healthy Witness” 🍏
Your Unconditional Healthy Living Coach 💚
Live your days as best as you can! 🙌
In 2011, she changed her knowledge on health and became passionate about inspiring others to reach their health goals while living the example of her information and encouragement.
Jackie chose to partner with Team Beachbody in 2015, using the resources as her "short cut" to health and wellness with an amazing discount and business opportunity. But nothing beats the team support, coach network, and life training she's received and continues to receive being a committed member. "The amount of information available to coaches is great! It all works, if you do." Jackie reminds us.
During 2004-2006, she retired from Corporate Marketing/Branding and shifted into motherhood followed by her family pursuing life as full time Christian missionaries in Central America.
She listens to YOUR health needs and guides you on how to succeed long term with support. You want a friend by your side for as long as you like during your health journey victories and struggles. Jackie is here for you. She’s been doing this since 2012 (paid or not, she feels everyone deserves free unconditional support to wellness). 💚