Friday, February 2, 2024

Ut-oh! Gotta Change!

Hello everyone! 

Due to a glitch in online 'paperwork' my "coach account" of 10 years is gone. 

While that is SUPER sad, there is GREAT NEWS!!

I invite you to join or switch to my husband's account.

Go to this form:

Use this info:

  • Name: Levi Davis Jr
  • Email: sharinghisplan [at]
    (type it properly, this is written this way to avoid bots grabbing it)
  • Partner ID: 1356400

It should have you join in a day or so.

Any purchase will support the nonprofit we run in Guatemala! How cool is that? 

Get healthy and change lives! That is changing two lives and more!

Let us have a fantastic 2024! We love you!

Jackie and Levi Davis

PS: I love my shakes and workouts (Job1) ... so far 2024... 

Sunday, March 5, 2023

Going backwards to go forwards!

 So I have been in this "balance" mode for far too long. It basically has been a slow backslide especially since 2020. But I KNOW for a fact that I would have a full backslide if I was NOT drinking my shakes. 

I eat crap and drink my shakes daily and THAT TRULY has been my BALANCE.

"In moderation" has NEVER worked for me. NEVER

So I am going BACK, back to something (one of them) that worked and it's Atkins or now mostly callee KETO.

Wish me the best as I do weekly weigh ins with my fellow VIPKid teachers for accountability. It's called a contest but we're only competing against ourselves! 

I'll report my results as time goes and time allows!!! Follow me on @HealthyWitness on Instagram

 a few weeks ago

 this week already!

Monday, January 16, 2023

New Year - 2023 - Let's Do this!

 Woah it has been a while but I have not stopped being concerned for my health and for others. I still watch what I eat and encourage others to do the same. Then I need to get more active. Since last summer, it has not been the best. Walking more has been my current goal.

How about you?

This is a photo of me and my girls. I feel a huge responsibility to make sure they know nutrition and lifestyle choices: benefits and consequences. 

Click on my Health Living Resources and let's do 2023 right!

Monday, January 10, 2022

My 10th anniversary!

 Happy 10th anniversary to focusing on personal wellness while motivating and encouraging others to do the same.

It has been the best journey ever. One of the best chapters of my life. 

Has it been perfect? No.

Have I succeeded? Absolutely.

Is it over? No way.

Those first years, I had the hashtag #letsdothis

It personally helped me get up and get moving to do workouts. Whether it was twice a week, three times a week, or more, it was motivating.

After reaching most of my health goals in 2 years, I found it challenging to maintain.

So at the end of 2014, after a lot of research, observation, and consideration, I joined a greater community of people focusing on personal wellness, becoming a Beachbody Coach in 2015. 

This was exactly what I needed for my long term maintenance, motivation, and community.

Sure all these years later most of us have kind of dropped off "active coaching", but I can tell you I'm still a coach, loving the discounts, and even more loving the community. 

Not only has the friendships lasted, but also the heartfelt service to each other. We're extended family for sure!

I still have my private online group for anyone that signed a free account or made purchases with me. Posts are only as needed and when they want to which is just a handful a year and that's perfect. 

Making connections, communication, and a personal commitment is important.

My website link is for the link to the free account for other resources, or even my story. 

The good news is I'm still writing my story. Soon I'll be updating the site and other pertinent information.

Sunday, August 8, 2021

Off to a good re-start!

 Please share your journey plan and goals below.

Even though I've been on my journey for close to 10 years, it's still hard to put myself out there but feel I need to to really stay accountable. I decided to weigh in every Sunday.
I weighed in August 1st after 4 weeks traveling stateside. Where I knowingly ate anything. Horrible choices and insane quantity. Haven't done it in a while because I knew the consequences. You can see the 12 lb game from my last weigh-in. 😔
Goal... Every two weeks shooting for 5 lb lost. Until I get closer to 200. I know we shouldn't do so much so fast. When I lost 100 lb, I would lose one a month and celebrate like crazy once I got to One-derland. It was awesome to keep it off for 5 to 6 years. But I haven't weighed what I weigh now since 2013 after losing around 60 lb. (In 2011 after baby number four I was close to 300 lb). Fat and happy. 🤣
Plan... ("Water S.E.E.D.S." to grow healthy.)
Water, drink half my weight in ounces per day.
Sleep, try to get seven to eight solid hours
Eat, Just eat real food. Realistic portions. Three well spaced out meals, limit snacking especially after dinner.
Exercise, minimum 3 days of decent activity, workout, walking
Destress, no more anxiety, stress, letting things bother me. Do what I can in the moment and say no and relax
Support, get back to measuring, monthly pictures and inches, and posting. This helps me stay accountable and connect with others who are succeeding to encourage me or others who are struggling and can relate and share what's working.
So after the first week, looks like it's working. In my Wii fit I'm making 2-week holes of only losing 5 lb and keeping it off.