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Monday, May 22, 2017

It's learning, living, and never giving up that matters!

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It's learning, living, and never giving up that matters! <3 In this photo, I was SO HAPPY, and Joyful with my life, but I was clueless to the reality I was headed into... In photo (2011): - Loved that I am happily married. - Loved being a mom times 4!!!! - Loved what I saw in the mirror. - Loved being blessed by God and family. - Loved the nonprofit God called us to start. ...and more. In reality: - I was everything listed above, but... clueless to a huge life change with the help of God in about 6 months later. - I never saw or would call my self 'obese', I was plus size. - I was not 'heavy', I had curves. - It was not on my radar that I was on a path to any ill health. 6 months later: - I had gotten sick. Very sick, flu-like. After labs and more, it was clear I had a candida episode. 3 days later: - I changed my eating - HEALED and side affect was fat loss - no 'diet' just learn what ingredients were making me sick 18 months later (2013): - Zero symptoms of Candida, PCOS, IBS, or High BP - Gained energy, no more achy joints - Reached high school size, but felt better than ever - Realized "HOW BIG I WAS in 2011" I has NO CLUE! :( 18 months later (2015): - Added home fitness that my OUT OF SHAPE body could do - Feet were in pain from severe bunions - Kept doing what I could as long as I could - Maintaining the weight loss too! 2016: two feet surgeries - worked out in between surgeries - maintaining weight through eating well - took off fitness last half of year 2017 Restarted Fitness journey that I started in 2015 #ALLin - Started and completed 3 programs (y) - Then fitness burnout - Then restarted, but just discouraged - Took weeks off, ate bad for Bday and got sick TODAY: - RESTARTED Fitness....! - Different realistic personal Plan, Approach - Increased focus/mindset, and my rules - Newest program in my streaming fitness (added last week) was SO FUN and DOABLE! Kids had a blast with me!! Looking back... - Baby steps - Stay Focused on Health Goal(s) - Self care is WISE & Responsible (not selfish) - I have time to do this - Spend time and money on Health or Sickness, I choose Health! The was new, a challenge, and now I feel so great! - jackie - not perfect, just living as best as I can and feeling great trying WOOT! Do you struggle with Nutrition and/or Fitness? Or is it just me? Message me, I'd love to hear YOUR story. <3 If you'd like to try the streaming fitness, you can for free, no obligation. comes will MEAL PLANS/GUIDES, Fitness Journals, Recipes, and MORE.

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Monday, May 15, 2017

Still a Work In Progress

A year ago I shared this photo...
Resharing to help me stay focused on my health goals (avoid being sick) and to never back slide (because no one is immune to it)! If I hide, it's easier to return to old ways. Lol.
Defeating the odds...
Statistically by now, I should have "back slid". Right!? 👍 Well I know so. I've lost and gained in the past and with each re-gain yeilded more than my loss. 😞 So defeating
The HUGE difference...
This time was in the goal... My goal was NOT FOR WEIGHT LOSS (that was a product of my adjustments) ... It was for health: getting rid of undesirable symptoms from PCOS, Candida, and even high bp, etc.
My Revelation...
For many years prior to 2011, I have had my own seasons of yo-yo dieting. For me it boiled down to eating. No matter what tool or tools I used to achieve my goal, I would have to “change my eating for life" to be successful long-term. Going back to old habits and cravings would mean going back to the old me!! No way!
Healthy Habits...
When I started in October 2011, I was determined that changing my eating quality, quantity, and frequency as a realistic lifestyle, once I personally defined my rules, was surely the way to go! That's it!! (You can too)!
The shocking results...
Since 2013, unexpectedly reaching a loss of 5 jean sizes, I've wonderfully kept my size! Yippee!! Support has key to long-term success in addition to changing my mindset, and defining a new me! I reached my goals of being symptom free as long as I stay in my personal eating rules, stay connected, and stay evolving.
Sharing the Victory...
Because of my experience and ongoing success, it's my daily passion to support others unconditionally. I can't do it for you but I can definitely share that I know what you're going through: the challenges, the struggles, the frustration. Encouraging you to believe you can change, heal, and it taking time just as it took you time to get where you are.
Yours to grab, postpone, or ignore...
Your journey to your goal is waiting in addition to keeping it and achieving more! What are you waiting for? Your opportunity waits for you! I'm here, message me when you're ready, serious or comment below "ready".
If you need a push, I'd like to invite you to a 5-day Food First challenge Jun 5-9. Message me or comment below "Details" for full entry details. Deadline is May 26. It's just 5 days!
I have an ongoing self care studio that's free focused on 5 Healthy Habits. Inquire about that too.
Your supporter,

Monday, May 8, 2017

Many ways to measure your progress

Today there are many ways to measure your progress in your personal health Journey.
Image may contain: 3 peopleFor many people, they just get on the weight scale. Others use a tape measure for measuring inches in various areas. Others try to improve their times for a certain running distance While others do a particular Fitness routine and as the routine gets easier they feel more progress. Then of course there are some of us who take a series of photos weekly or monthly to see progress.
Please do both scalable and non scalable measurements of progress for your personal Journey.
I know for my personal journey in the beginning, numbers were the best thing ever. It helped motivate me, let me see that there was Improvement when I didn't feel it, and helped me stay on track.
During that time, I finally started taking pictures as I was losing weight during my goal to just stop being sick.
 Yes weight loss was not my original goal. It was just a byproduct of eating better. I had strictly changed my eating and was in less than 2 years I had lost a hundred pounds. For me that was 5 women jean sizes, two ring sizes, a couple of underwear sizes, and definitely a bra size change. Would you believe that I actually lost a shoe size too? 

So for now, many years later in my journey, all of those are just numbers that I don't really care about anymore and are really misleading.
I am still very close to the smallest size I achieved years ago, but yet I weigh more. I have added Fitness and have had surgery with months of down time, so I'm not really concerned about certain numbers anymore while I am mainly sticking to my original goal which is health. So the numbers I am concerned about are more of my blood work and blood pressure. Those are the numbers that will determine illness or other awful diseases.
Your body will either host health or illness it can't host both.
So my passion is to encourage others to have a healthy habits lifestyle to increase one's body's immunity so they can live their days as healthy as they can.
I am proof of that. Yes even all these years later, I am still astonished at the food changes absolutely changing my quality of life. If you are ready to make immediate or slow changes, comment below or message me.
I would love to listen to your goals, your past struggles, and let's get you a plan to achieve your own personal success in your time, your way, with your resources. You can do this. You must believe that, decided, and make a commitment.
The attached photo collage is today's weekly measurements. So what, I gained almost a half pound in one week? My Wii Fit age is 11 months younger than I really am. Well my birthday is in 2 days. So it's 11 months from two days. And today is May 7th.
Extend forgiveness and love to yourself. Once you do that you will be amazed at what you can do if you make today or tomorrow your day one.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Resources for you!

Happily representing any of these resources. 

Ask me for more info. - Jackie

Monday, April 24, 2017

Streaming Fitness is your solution

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How does Beachbody On Demand work? 

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How do I access Beachbody On Demand? 

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