Monday, April 23, 2018

Kitchen Necessities: Big Tools

These are KEY to eating healthier. Yes cooking at home takes time but that is what we're missing! Time with preparing our food. Time with family, get the kids involved! Delegate the tasks to share off-screen time together! Plus you all eat healthier increasing the quality and MEMORIES of your lives!

Food Processor

I remember watching videos and seeing people use these. I got one for Christmas and was at first intimidated! But knew I wanted to make protein balls and more fun foods that were raw and healthy! If you don't have one, Get one!

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Electric Pressure Cooker (EPC)

Yes this is the best gift I have gotten lately! I am not calling it an "instant pot" because that is a BRAND NAME and "Instant Pot" MAKES SLOW COOKERS as well, so please know this! There are many Electeric Pressure cookers out there! Get what you like! I do have an "Instant Pot" brand one myself, but again rather call it what it is and it's an "ELECTRIC PRESSURE COOKER".
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Monday, April 16, 2018

Kitchen Necessities: Small Tools

These are the best small tools to have in a kitchen when you are trying to eat healthier! They are really a must. I know I didn't have them before and even when I got them, I did not use them much, but now they are a necessity!

I use these very often now. You will too if you don't have them already!

What is a tool you use often that I don't have listed here?

Apple Corer

You can core the apple only and then slice sideways for apple sliced cookies or you can core the apple while making wedges too! YOU CHOOSE!
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Vegetable Spiraler

You can make healthier 'noodles' this this! I love my Veggeti to make Zoodles! The kids get whole grain noodles while I enjoy 'pasta' night with my Zoodles! YUM! You can use hand held Spiraler (wheat I have) or you can get the counter top one. YOU CHOOSE!

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Vegetable Peeler

I have used knives and low cost peelers, but I cannot encourage the investment of a good quality peeler for your veggies! I use them for cucumbers and carrots mostly.
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Monday, April 9, 2018

In the books!

Tonight is Day 3 of 3 for my 4th Annual 3 Day Spring Refresh! 

Woohoo! I made it!!! Whew! I cannot wait to see what my results are tomorrow (and the next day). My win and victory is committing to it and doing it.
This is my 4th year to do this 3 days of clean eating to erase the Spring Break/Anniversary Splurge, but this year was more than that. It was more to erase the off and on treats/splurge from Christmas to Easter! LOL 😂
No matter the numbers, my win is personal growth, mindset reset, and wise self care.
These 3 days are a huge reminder that food is fuel and not emotional fix or boredom filler or just mindless brainless habit to chomp.
Portions are also a huge lesson learned these three days. I am SO HAPPY to realize that I get full on way less especially when the food it QUALITY food.
Thanks to those who knew I was doing this and cheered me on. I have info if anyone wants it. It's good to post here to be and stay accountable and to witness my health journey and to hope to be hope for someone, if not inspiration because others before me did this and it so helped me realize that the slump I was in didn't have to be permanent or a path to stay on. Change can happen and be lasting!
Love you all and encourage you to live your days as best and as healthy as you can. Change what you can. Control what you can. Because if you really look into it, you can do both more than you realize right now!
Eager to hear your stories! Post below if you have been successful this year Since January 1, February, March or even last week... When you are ready, if you are driven and desire change, you will make the changes needed when you time comes! Sooner the better!

Monday, April 2, 2018

Goals need Plans & Plans need Action!

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What is your goal? Do you have a (realistic) plan?
Planning... how's everyone going with putting things on a schedule? Meals? Workouts? Date nights? Bible Study? then.. kid's activities  (note the priorities! lol)
I personally posted about planning a month ago or so and that I had things go from great to cray cray. I allowed it! Now I am making the decision to get back on top of things, so more gets done and done well. (maybe not all my way, and that's ok, we want progress not perfection and I know the value of rest, more and more). For me, the more scheduled I am, the better I am focused, driven, and successful. This includes scheduling family time (clocking out).
Last week, I sat down and scheduled out dinners (with my husband). I have had a formula for years, and it's worked. It seriously needed to be refreshed because we all get burned out. Evolving one's plan is good, especially if it helps it improve!
Then, I got real about my health progress rather than settling for where I am and scheduled my 3 day clean eating (post Thanksgiving through Easter holiday's poor eating choices refresh) and starting my next workout & eating plan combo (since it's all laid out for me), called 80 Days Obsession. YAY!
I have also researched and worked on the kid's school curriculum and goals for next year. We have great options to keep them learning, challenged, with lots of room to grow, explore, and mature! We're blessed with our options and support of family! Of course blessed with great kids too. I think after 7 years of "schooling at/in/around home", I am finally figuring this all out! LOL #LoveOurFloridaTeachers
Then, there's work with ministry that Levi does and what I do. His construction of a Mission Center on an acre property as resources allow, while maintaining & repairing two vehicles full time. It's an absolute Miracle with what's going on with the property progress and with our van and the ministry truck. God's hands are in this with the amazing support of our partners! AMEN! I am glad to support this with communications (photos, posts, newsletters, emails, and fundraising, prayer requests, and future teams). It's a blessing to serve as I am able with locals as well as with missionaries and people back in USA (about around the world). I host a quarterly Bible Study to encourage Physical and Spiritual Health. Currently, working on doing it in Spanish because it's been on my heart for years to do so. There's more but this is LONGGGG!!!! LOL
NEXT is ACTION! I'll be following up for my accountability and to continue to reach out to others out there who may want a nudge! Are you with me? Doing life with others is much better. No competition just merely sharing life's opportunities, victories, challenges, and solutions, and evolving to being better daily!

Monday, March 26, 2018

Here's to resting then getting back on track!

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The domino effect of the events of last week led to failure of attending Walk club Saturday AM. 😞 In most cases, time is out of my control. I'm always on call for our kids and helping locals and other missionaries are in an as needed basis. It's great to balance as much as I can where I can with accomplishment.
Then there's the reality that I'm not superhuman and need to do what's humanly possible. Don't over book or commit.
Plus I know the value of planning. I encourage people all the time to make a schedule, write out a schedule, and have it planned on a calendar. I have both an electronic calendar and a handwritten calendar to also keep these things planned so they happen.
Our group had a workshop one time to plan out our perfect day and then do our best to reach it. I did it, and I honestly did it right away, I didn't have to evolve to get to it.
But then as life happens, something changed that plan, and it was hard to get back to it. I love Second Chances. So I am going to revisit my daily schedule, weekly schedule, and monthly schedule. I need to get back to being more intentional, more in control, and wise about my time. Having boundaries is wise and one needs to make sure others respect it.
So, I will allow myself to rest and relax with my kids. We need family time. This week, it's difficult to literally leave our neighborhood because of the crowds that come to our City, so I'll have time to do my schedule!
It will be priority to schedule my perfect day, not that I will probably achieve it right away but I should do my best to try. I also want to make sure I schedule family meals, family activities, and a workout schedule. If anyone else wants to do this with me, let me know. We can encourage each other to make sure we have it written down.
To have a plan is better than no plan at all.
The best thing about a plan is that it's there and all you have to do is implement it.
The best thing about a plan is that if needed, it can be subject to change.
No plan is a plan to fail.
Today I didn't want to miss walk club. But I still had other deadlines that I missed and time with family is most valuable, so there are sacrifices.
Here's to resting then getting back on track. Who's with me on planning?
Let's schedule our day.
Let's meal plan.
Let's activity plan.
Let's workout plan.
Workshop to plan, let's do this!
I'll be doing this next week.