Monday, March 5, 2018

Not another chocolate breakfast post, kinda

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Not another chocolate breakfast post!?
Hey everybody, Jackie here checking in to see how you're doing. Everyday I posted my private group my daily shakes, spam as I'm able and willing, my victories, my struggles, and my workouts.
I have been doing this for years and plan to continue to do so for years to come.
Do you have any plans to live healthy? Are you currently living healthy? By the way, do you have support?
Everybody deserves to be reminded that they are of value of time, energy, and to be supported during their journey and all stages of their journey!
Everyone has the opportunity to reach their goals, lose weight, be healthy, travel, make money, have quality friends, and so much more.
Personally I just wanted a quick fix because making homemade superfood shakes took up a lot of time and money. Thoroughly, I scrutinize every ingredient of many all-in-one shakes, I found the one that I wanted.
After 3 years, I can clearly say that I have never regretted the decision to purchase Shakeology as a coach for the discount (of course, why pay full price), and I only continue to gain more Health, Quality of Life, and grow my support network which helps me to not back slide!
There I shared my formula to health and happiness!!
What are you doing to reach your goals? Again know... Everyone has this opportunity .... Are you ready?

Monday, February 26, 2018

Where will you be from a year from now?

Jeremy is a friend of mine who has taken his journey to health extremely serious. Then he was on an extreme journey to fit. Now he's definitely on a journey to physique
Cheer him on with me for the next year. 
Where will you be from a year from now? Where will I be? We don't know, but we need to know and understand that we can control many things in our life and we should. 
Take action, self-care is wise.
See you next year Jeremy!

Monday, February 19, 2018

Shake yourself to easier health!

You want to eat healthy, but you don’t know where to start. Shakeology can help! It’s a nutrient-dense superfood protein shake. Read all about it here:
More shareable articles on the blog!

In these two photos - the difference was FOOD, that's it!
I made shakes from scratch but now save time and money with my mix.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Love and be healthy

You know I do love me and I thought I was being healthy!

So glad I got sick Oct 2011 to wake me up to MYTH Healthy Foods and change my eating and mindset for good!

I still love me, but even better with better health and knowledge!

Message me to help you with information and resources!

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Monday, February 5, 2018

7 years ago: Happy and Clueless

We gave birth to our fourth child seven years ago. I was happy as can be and so clueless.

There were no signs of ill health or issues. Ok maybe just borderline high blood pressure but over all labs were good. Now my weight was high but that was never a big deal to me. I have often ignore the charts because of built muscle when I was an athlete. 

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Our first photo with our fourth child was exciting! 

In about 8 months after her birth, I was going to be so sick that it would literally change my life. I was down and out for 2 days and realized I cannot do THAT ever again with 4 kids, husband, and a non profit to run in addition to being responsible for a large association and it's annual conference.

Living and working are two things I really like to do and these cannot happen if I am sick! 

Insert eating change here.

From Junk, Fast, and Processed foods
Real, Whole, Clean foods!


I would have NEVER believed this if I did not personally experience it! 
You can too. I want to give you hope that FOOD Changes WORK!

To achieve the above... 
- I did NOT...count anything
- I did NOT...take pills
- I did special products
- I did NOT... use any powders
- I did NOT... have surgery
- I did NOT... starve myself
- I did NOT... exercise
- I did NOT... neglect myself

Simple food changes. That's it.
Message me to know the four food groups I use for my 
3 meals formula to go from Fat Storing to Fat Buring! 
It's really easy and at your grocery!

YOU just have to be open, willing, and ready for change!