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Monday, January 23, 2017

Season this!

Have you ever made your Own Seasonings? It's EASY!

After we changed our eating, we realized we had to also review our Spice cabinet. It was lacking, lame, and full of pre made spice blends, UGH! This is also a way that your health can hurt if you are not using or better yet making your own!

This is our family's GO-TO Taco Seasoning from the Food Renegade.

Just simply use a small food processor or I use the "milling" blade on my NutriBullet​.

Since people think veggies and food is bland when you take our salt and sugar, then try something new! Yes, this was out of my comfort zone and new and different and scary! But you have to dive in when it's your health you're working with!

I know when I first made it, I did NOT have these things in my cabinet. SO make sure you go shopping and get everything. Here is a list of basic ones to stock:

My basics are:

This was easy to go to since we like curry, but curry is a BLEND, so why not just use the best spice in it! Here is more amazing information on turmeric and health benefits from Dr. Axe.
Read more here about Curcumin from the Medicine Hunter! Amazing stuff.

Another one that is blended in our Chili powder and such, but now we just buy it alone and use it in various recipes; from omelets (turmeric too) and smoothies! Read more from Dr Axe on Cayenne.

I use this daily, unless I forget. Mainly in my smoothies and now in my off/on coffee drinks. The benefits are amazing according to everything I've read (and hope it's true). Read more here on


Check out TreeHugger for more spice ideas! Parsley will be a staple in my house soon too, fresh, that is (no longer looked at as a garnish!)
Make Spices a staple and not a challenge or hindrance. It could mean HEALTH or SICKNESS! Spice it up!
Various Solutions to storing spices

Monday, January 16, 2017

Plan and Do It

Image may contain: cloud, sky, outdoor and natureLast year, my coach (we have weekly team meetings) would mention a workshop she did that helped her get where she is. The workshop encouraged you to write down your "Perfect Day" ... time you wake, what do you do, time for breakfast, etc. I heard that a few times.

In Early December, I was able to sit and do work for me. I wrote down my perfect day. Three crumbled up papers later, I had made it simple, realistic, and doable. I made a few copies. One for my binder, one for my oldest (to help her with her poor schedule) and one for the wall for hubby to see. They know this is my desire and goal.

On January 2, I implemented it. So far... I'm rocking it! Sure it's only bee a few days, but it's been a STRUGGLE everyday. It is getting a tad easier. Sure I miss sleeping in, but I not get more done. I feel more disciplined.

This was all possible because I was introduced to this by my coach. She lives it and seems very happy and successful. I thought it over a million times. Months later I finally made time to write it down. Then weeks later I am living it!

Nothing happens overnight! Your time is valuable. How are you spending it? Stay focused!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Peace and Wisdom 2017

Image may contain: 1 person, closeupI was asked to write down the word or words I was going to focus on for 2017. Peace and Wisdom are mine. They work in my personal and professional lives! 
According to Google, Peace means "
freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility". For me specifically in all areas in my life, it means to not be anxious, to not be shaken, for my Spirit to be calm and collected in all situations. It's not secret that in my past I've been the Type-A, over worrier, and more. I want to change that all so much and I am making evolving changes daily.
According to Google, Wisdom means "the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment; the quality of being wise." For me this means to take all my past experiences, all my knowledge and be as wise as possible, daily, in decisions, actions, and words. That's what we should do as we get older, right? Well for some of us old dogs, we don't learn new tricks well. But this ol' dog, is going to try and try her hardest! 
My family
 and I are already enjoying the benefits of these adjustments in mindset and actions with just these two simple words to focus on. What's your focus for 2017?

Sunday, January 8, 2017

21 Day Fix Post Workout Comments

Did you know I have a YouTube channel?
Currently I am posting daily after my workouts. Each video is taken after the workout. I share my thoughts on the workout, struggles and victories, suggested modifications, and my post-bunion surgery feet victories. 2 minutes or less. I hope these help you, inspire you, and encourage you that no matter your skill level, body size, or ability, you can do anything! Enjoy!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year, Happy New You!

Happy New Year, Happy New You for 2017! from Jackie 💚

Welcome to my site focused on Nutrition, Fitness, and Self Care. These are key to living your days as best as you can! It's easier to do with unconditional support to increase your long term success.

It's my purpose to teach and support others for Healthy Habits Living through sharing resources on recipes, workouts, and self care! You'll also read inspirational messages on how to dream big and start living a much more fulfilling life, now.

I'm a happy wife, mother mom of 4, running 2 businesses while personally maintaining healthy habits after an amazing Personal Health Overhaul from Oct 2011 to Sept 2013. After changing my eating lifestyle through "Ingredient Hacking", it was amazing to experience losing 5 jean sizes, 2 ring sizes and more. Now it's great to have energy and keep up with the kids (homeschooling), the house, the nonprofit ministry, and my wellness business. It cannot be done unless I'm focused on my personal responsibility for healthy habits living daily.

See it wasn't always this great for me. After suffering with PCOS for decades (including infertility and miscarriage), stress induced high blood pressure, other TMI symptoms/issues (I'll spare you), I found myself tired, achy, and weighing my heaviest after the birth of our fourth child at 38 years old, I thought I was eating healthy and active, but I was so wrong and not in the best shape to keep up with my roles/responsibilities. There are too many myth health foods, 'diets' that are not custom enough for each of our unique needs, and workouts that are not realistic for all body types, skills, and abilities. Through my personal experience, story, and continued success, I can help you with a plan unique to you.

It is truly mind-blowing that my passion for personal health and fitness would lead me to helping countless others in a home-based business. I am dedicated not only to helping others design their health journey (unique and realistic), but also helping them design their life with this amazing opportunity!

I'm looking forward to connecting with you here on my Facebook page or ask to join my free support group or the details of my next challenge group! Monthly, I also share the opportunity for your own home-based business. So look in my EVENTS tab to attend the next one.

Message me to get your wellness journey started, restarted, or with support so you reach your success your way in your time.

Your health witness,
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