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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Liberating Transformation

This may not be your typical Transformation Tuesday, but for me this is surely a personal transformation forward. It is surely part of my health Journey that started in 2011. I'm challenging myself to share personal victories more publicly so others know they are not alone. 💜

Long story short, this photo shows my first pair of shorts in I don't know how long. Yep, that's right! It's been years! Victory! 🎉 yay.

Backstory for those who like stories...

I was blessed to finally get pregnant after a season of infertility in 2004. I was either pregnant or nursing from then through 2011. I honestly don't remember if I ever had a pair of maternity shorts. I believe I might have had a pair of shorts that I wore around the house but not sure if I wore them publicly.

Why? In 2006 when our firstborn was 1 year 3 months, we had moved ourselves to serve full time in Guatemala. Our family of three at the time, took 12 bags and 6 carry-ons. Again I'm not quite sure if I ever had a pair of shorts and all those bags, but we quickly learned in Guatemala that if you're wearing shorts, you're either playing soccer or a tourist. (We were neither, lol.)

So we pretty much rarely wear shorts (or in some cases for me, a long skirt) no matter what the temperature. This was all done mainly for area cultural reasons.

Fast forward, 2011 to 2013, this was the time frame that my husband and I committed to a new eating lifestyle for health benefits. If we were to lose weight, that would be great, but that was not the primary focus. Health was our Focus.

I can now report to you that during those years, we were dropping sizes every 3 to 5 months (I lost 5 jean sizes and Levi about 10“). For a time, we would wear baggy clothes, then we were blessed with family and friends that would donate clothes to us. This was truly a blessing. We in-turn would donate any clothes too big for us to others in need with our determination to never go back.

When you are blessed with donated clothes, you do not have the choice at times on what clothes you get. In most cases we would get one type of clothes like pants or short sleeve shirts. I can tell you at one point, I only had one long sleeve shirt that fit me for the winter season. I still only have one sweatshirt but that is a sweatshirt we bought on our honeymoon, I wasn't willing to part with (might make it a pillow or part of a quilt some day).

The last primary wardrobe staple that I didn't own was a pair of shorts. Last week, we went to the store to look for shorts. I saw several that I knew would look odd on my short statured legs. Wonderfully, my husband saw a pair of shorts that I wasn't sure if I would like them. I tried them on and immediately loved them. I love the length, the way they felt, the price, and the quality!

This was a great Victory, but that wasn't all. Our kids had finally seen their mom in shorts. Of course, it wasn't without a few giggles or strange faces, but they got used to it quickly.

Then, I needed to get passed any self consciousness about my 40+ year old legs that have been through yo-yo weight loss/gain for 20 years, from yo-yo active to sedentary work/living, inherited spider veins, and more. As I put on those shorts, I figuratively put on my "I don't care, I look great" pants!!!! 👖

This was so liberating!!  I owe it to extreme personal growth in 2015. I also owe it to others who walk with confidence and acceptance of where they are in life (being an example to me). I owe it to this year's journey to "fix my feet" and focus on my goal to walk and run without foot pain all the days I'm blessed with. It's empowering to change one's mindset and have great positive support!

How are you doing? Are you wearing your "I don't care what others think, I'm on my own Journey" pants on? I'd love to support you and cheer you. PM me anytime for positive support!

Live your days as best as you can!

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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Skeptical and uncertain

Skeptical and uncertain were two words clearly describing me years ago as friends were witnessing to me their health journey, and then they were getting their resources (supporting their health) FREE because their commissions were covering the cost! (Say what!?)

The next thing I know, they are taking vacations (that were actually business trips), and their health results improved and/or their goals were easily maintained with their plan in nutrition and fitness as they stayed consistent, not perfect. (For real!?)

Seeing someone I knew (in person) change before my eyes over social media in their physical health, financially, and in life was something that was not faked or made up. This was the real deal.

I was able to commit and invest to this amazing reality for myself and family about a year ago. This was made possible because I was personally given some "gift money" for Christmas. As a family living 100% on donations, all the funds given to us go straight toward living expenses (unless otherwise instructed). To date, we are still short monthly, so normally I would have used it for that and not gotten myself a Christmas gift.

After processing the potential on-going giving of this gift (health and wealth), I realized it was not just for me to further the health journey I was already on, but to also help in our family's shortage to pay basic expenses (utilities, phone, etc.). These goals are obtainable by staying committed, not perfect.

I made sure I "worked the system" using what I call "loop holes" to make sure I didn't pay full price and got the maximum benefit in this 'investment' in health and wealth. Immediately, I purchased a "Challenge Pack" (there are several) through signing up with the "Coach Account" (there are 3 account options). This was the BEST way to maximize what I got for the lowest price. (Cha-ching!)

It’s exciting to announce that I have reached all my first year as a Beachbody Coach goals in BOTH health (adding fitness) and wealth (starting some income)! Time for new goals and no stopping!

You are invited to this same reality of committing to health with the possibility of wealth! I am looking to add 2 people to my team serious about focusing on health through nutrition and fitness, while having the possibility to make income (yes, while embarking on the health journey)!

Comment below or contact me if you'd like information. I’m here to field any questions too!

Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Team Beachbody Coach income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence and skill. See our Statement of Independent Coach Earnings located on the Coaches Corner for the most recent information on our Coaches’ actual incomes. The Statement of Independent Team Beachbody Coach Earnings can be found at

Monday, March 14, 2016

Why didn't I say, "YES" sooner?

It's your life. Control it. Own it. Do It.

Since 2012, my passion has been to help others enjoy the freedom in health with basic healthy habits changes through awareness and information. I help many people daily with their struggles.

Then a new struggle came along, and I felt hopeless. Our nonprofit was growing, but our donations weren't, so I joined my passion/ministry with professional resources in nutrition & fitness by becoming a 'Beachbody Coach' knowing of the potential income to possibly help both people daily and support the nonprofit's growth.

Since joining, not only am I helping more people with proven professional resources, but I'm beginning to help the nonprofit's shortage with hope to grow my help along with the increasing needs of the nonprofit.

There is still a way to go, just like my continued health journey. I'm committed and loving this total package. My family enjoys an improved wife/mom, better time management, and more fulfillment in life. Do you seek this? Are you chasing your passion? Working your own hours, your own way?

An open invite to the opportunity of becoming a Team Beachbody Coach with me. See this video for details:

If you're ready to live Liberated from Health issues and Stress of money, click here.

I'm here for questions or when you're ready (I can walk you through the process.) My commissions sure help us, but even better staying healthy is soooo much more easy with Shakeology and Support of fellow coaches and clients. I don't know why I took so long to say yes to it.

󾔧 Please note* Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. See our Statement of Independent Coach Earnings located in the Coach Online Office for the most recent information on our Coaches’ actual incomes.✅

March 2016

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

My Surgery and Health Journey

On January 22nd, I had surgery done on my right foot. This surgery was a long time coming. When I was a child, I had mild bunions. It is genetic and also due to wearing improper shoes. Then through middle school, high school, and college, I was in sports which required my feet to always be taped a certain way for little pain relief. After college I wore heels to my professional job and again cause more pain and discomfort. Then in my thirties I had really let my body go and I was obese in addition to being blessed with having four successful pregnancies where again I was very large and heavy which also increased my foot pain as well as I walked with horrible posture.

My journey continues in 2013 when I had completed losing 101 pounds with eating changes alone. My next goal was lifelong maintenance. This means I never want to gain all of it or even most of it back. I did give myself a 10 pound window meaning I was only allowed to backslide 10 pounds. I had my sights set on doing fitness in 2015. I had mentally prepared myself for this so when the time came, I would do it without any reasons not to.

2015 came and around March or April, I finally started in with my workouts. Prepared, researched, and selected Beachbody products to use because I had seen the incredible success of many friends plus I could do it at home and at my convenience anywhere. No gym membership needed or monthly payments etc. I am glad however that Beachbody does have the club membership now and it is billed quarterly and it is worth every penny because I have access to 25 complete programs in addition to their nutrition guides and calendars and exclusive use of future products. I mainly love the fact that I can do it on my phone or tablet or computer or TV, and not having to carry the DVDs around everywhere.

After I did 3 rounds of 21 day fix, I had gotten the new dance workout called Cize. I was very challenged and realize how uncoordinated I was but I super love that. I would sweat I lost inches but I also realized this is a weakness for me feet. I had to start modifying some of the routines and steps to make sure I wasn't going to further hurt or increase the pain of my feet.

It became more and more real to me that surgery was becoming something that was more needed sooner than later. So as I researched other programs of fitness and the surgery itself, I had gotten PiYo to increase my strength. I knew I needed to be able to hold my own body weight on one leg and also my upper body with arms. Whether I needed crutches or hop up and down stairs, I knew my own body strength was important. I started this program and immediately found more pain and difficulty with my feet with some moves. It was not as easy to modify but I did have to adjust because I was driven to do this program.

I am very glad I did that program and then upon near completion, is what I called my doctor to schedule the surgery and make it a reality. The surgery went very well and I am writing this now as I near my five weeks of not being allowed to stand or walk on that foot. I have many times used some of those moves in PiYo to stand up or get down on the floor because I was not able to bear any weight on the right foot.

Keeping our bodies healthy in food is really number one. I'm personal proof of that. Therefore with very limitations on working out with the programs I dearly love, I have made sure to keep my nutrition on point. My daily Shakeology has literally been my life line. It has given me the energy and nutrients that I need especially post surgery when I wasn't feeling well or up to eating. Knowing that I was getting super foods in my body just improve my mental health as well as my physical health.

Only a week ago was I allowed to finally get my foot in the shower then right before taking that shower I happened to catch myself in the mirror and I was very glad that I still maintained my shape and not have gotten extra fluffy tutu my physical limitations. Daily Shakeology has been very key in addition to proper portions and proper quality of food.

So I'm here today to report everything is going well. I'm glad to get my foot fixed so I can continue fitness all the days that I'm blessed with. I am here to be a witness about my daily Shakeology and maintaining my internal health as well as my external figure. I like what I see in the mirror. No I don't have some magazine photo edited perfect body and that's totally okay with me. I am passionate for people to be healthy skinny is not the goal. I do however want to help people claim victory over their personal obesity or other health problems. I am free of my former ailments like high blood pressure, PCOS, and Candida. Those last two alone have a laundry list of symptoms that were wasting my time and money the store buying products to treat symptoms. I have devoured the research and information on food and ingredients to now treat my body illnesses or ailments, or diseases with food. It's liberating to treat the cause rather than maintaining suppression of the symptoms.

My name is Jackie and I want to support you and encourage you through your own personal, unique, and ongoing journey. I host a monthly free 5-day group for encouraging healthy habits and I also host a 30-day nutrition and fitness group. Message me to inquire about both or either. I will forever be passionate to helping everyone live the days as best they can. Since 2012, I have encouraged many people to start their journey, restart their journey, or even better, it has been a joy to see them reach their goals and be successful to make new ones.

As for health and wellness journey, I have been there, I am still here, & I will be here. I fully believe in evolving our habits to healthier habits for long-term success through support.

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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Basic muffin in a mug recipe

Suggestion for breakfast or snack. 
Additional notes:
Use a larger than normal mug for best results or you can experience mug overflow. Microwave for 1 minute, if you still see it looking wet or dry, then add 20 seconds at a time until you think it's well cooked.

I forgot to add that you can eat it in the mug as is or  pop it out of the mug onto a plate and slice it. 
You can top it with coconut oil or Nutiva shortening which is a  delicious butter. If you are not there yet then you can top it with a sugar free jelly or marmalade. Or you could top it with honey if your body can handle sugar. Other items to try would be to top it with a nut butter like almond butter or macadamia butter or cashew butter. As you can tell, you can get real creative process and never make it boring.