Monday, November 27, 2017

My purpose... Your Solution, Your Success!

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It is my life purpose and responsibility to inform. A responsibility I don't take lightly. Resources are my passion, and I have a knack for free, inexpensive, high quality, and lasting effects. Well you get the idea.

It would be VERY IRRESPONSIBLE of me to keep this a SECRET and not share this with everyone loved one I know and even those who do NOT KNOW ME because I think LIFE IS VALUABLE and too short. We ALL DESERVE the BEST!

See from 2011-2014 my journey to losing 5 jean sizes, 2 ring sizes and more was all done the old fashioned way, from scratch, and it took up my whole day. As a mom that was getting close to homeschooling 4 kids and the ministry we manage is about to boom, I needed SHORT CUTS to keeping this a lifestyle, getting the results I wanted long term!

So in 2015, I decided to enjoy the resources countless friends & colleagues of ours have been using and talking about. No wonder they were fit and athletic. They were enjoying quality health through investing in themselves. This solution has now become my Quick Fix, my Short Cut, my Cheat Sheet, Magic Pill, and Secret Ingredient to living life to it's fullest.

Can you please promise me to watch this video? 👏

I personally believe your health may depend on it. This is a wise solution for nutrition and fitness with so many resource too long to list here. Please listen, it is only 4 minutes and 42 seconds long.

After you watch it, Please message me what you think about what you heard. You're loved and important to many. Please know I am posting this with compassion to inform you of this solution that is proven and may in fact change you life as it has mine and my whole family. Hoping it changes those we love as well.

Promise me to watch!


Monday, November 20, 2017

Healthy from the inside!

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This quote is very true. For years after college graduation, I had worked out and continue to eat bad and had talked myself to thinking that the working out was allowing me to keep eating bad and maintain when I didn't realize I was still so unhealthy on the inside. Fast forward to 2011 when I finally woke up and realized that the specific ingredients in food that I was eating kept my blood work out of whack, blood pressure out of whack, and kept me suffering symptoms from PCOS, candida, and more. All of this poor eating cost me to purchase products for dandruff, wrinkles, acne, athlete's feet, and more other non fun symptoms that happened when the inside of your body is full of toxins and horrible ingredients causing leaky gut syndrome which causes a myriad of other horrible ailments, diseases, and more. Please let me testify that changing just a few ingredients here and there can drastically change and alter your health. It is in a way that simple but I know not that simple. It is best to add better ingredients first and then eliminate some of the horrible ingredients that are keeping us sick.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Encouraging through my journey

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You are encouraged to measure your inches at minimal every quarter, preferably monthly, or for those really wanting to know, you can do it weekly. 

Today I did my measurements and I will post a screenshot of my progress below. Know that I started this group January 1st 2017 there for the progress will be since then. Therefore you will know that I have had months where I lost a lot of inches while some weeks I have gained inches but at least I'm still at a deficit and that is victory for me personally. 

Every year I want to get a little bit better and looking at your goals per year vs per week or month increase long-term success. I always have the joke that the longer I take to lose weight or inches in this case, the less time I allow myself to gain weight or inches. Losing inches definitely shows in research better health because we are keeping a healthy thickness of fat layer, we do need fat, we don't need excessive fat. But also, our bodies swell because of the toxins in it. 

Try your best to always feed your body healthy food, clean food, and whole food there for lessening the amount of toxins in your skin and fat lining. The toxins is what decreases our immune system, allows our body to be unhealthy from heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and a myriad of autoimmune issues. I Define my health and victories on a cellular level. I do not Define my health Victory from the weight on a scale. 

This past week I gained 2 pounds, but I'm also working my muscles and my body is known to gain muscle very easily. It is just harder to burn fat when I eat bad, especially when it's Dairy, sugar, or wheat corn soy. All this to say, learn your body and you will only be able to do that if you document and record your progress over a long period of time. I'm going to be here a year from now, Lord Willing, still trying... will you?

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Transformation is VERY real!

Transformation Tuesday. You can have yours.
Will it be ONE DAY? or will you schedule your DAY ONE?
Health transformation, overhaul really!
Physical transformation, feeling younger than I did in my 20s!
Personal transformation, living free!
Believe and know if I can, YOU CAN!
Photo taken June 2010.
In Oct 2011, I made a personal choice to change my eating for improving my health.
By Sept 2013, my goals were reached! Then it was time for maintenance.
I did 'ok for a year, but I needed easy, short cuts, and quick fixes! LOL. So after checking out options I chose one that I have stuck with and it still does NOT disappoint!
Know I am cheering you on, praying you find what works and keeps you healthy! I've been supporting family and friends (and their options) free and unconditionally since 2012 with no sign of stopping!
Too many backslide and revert to former habits/ways. Support increases success for the long haul! Let's do this!
Reach out to me in PM. I'm your cheerleader! GO YOU!!! <3
- Jackie, because others before me shared their journey, possibilities, success and it gave me motivation, inspiration, and hope. I pray to be the same to some one!

Monday, November 6, 2017

Free Unconditional Support

Welcome to my page focused on Nutrition, Fitness, and Self Care. These are key to living your days as best as you can! It's easier to do with unconditional support to increase your long term success.

It's my purpose to educate and support others for Healthy Living! You'll also be inspired to dream big and start living a much more fulfilling life.

I'm a happy wife, mother mom of 4, managing a nonprofit while personally maintaining healthy habits after an amazing Personal Health Overhaul from Oct 2011 to Sept 2013. After changing my eating lifestyle through "Ingredient Hacking", it was amazing to experience losing 5 jean sizes, 2 ring sizes and more. Now it's great to have energy and keep up with the kids (home schooling & travel), the house, the nonprofit ministry, and my wellness business. It cannot be done unless I'm focused on my personal responsibility for healthy habits living daily.

See, my health and living wasn't always this great for me. After suffering with PCOS for decades (including infertility and miscarriage not to mention the horrible symptoms), stress induced high blood pressure, other TMI symptoms/issues (I'll spare you), I found myself tired, achy, and weighing my heaviest after the birth of our fourth child at 38 years old, I thought I was eating healthy and active, but I was so wrong and not in the best shape to keep up with my roles/responsibilities. 

There are too many myth health foods, 'diets' that are not custom enough for each of our unique needs, and workouts that are not realistic for all body types, skills, and abilities. Through my personal experience, story, and continued success, I can help you with a plan unique to you.

It is truly mind-blowing that my passion for personal health and fitness would lead me to helping countless others in a home-based business. I am dedicated not only to helping others design their health journey (unique and realistic), but also helping them design their life with this amazing opportunity!

I'm looking forward to connecting with you here on my general page or ask to join my free support group or the details of my next challenge group or the opportunity for having your own health based business. Look in my EVENTS tab also for connecting with me.

Message me to get your wellness journey started, restarted, or with support so you reach your success your way in your time. 

Your healthy witness,

Photography by David Jon.
Lake Atitlan, Panajachel, Solola, Guatemala.