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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Convenience is too convenient

It's so convenient to get convenience foods! BE WARE!
We're in the states for a month and WOW what a wake up call.

We were on the road several days, and I am SO GLAD for my SHAKEOLOGY!!!!!
This is an honest post of what I had one Breakfast!

Monday, November 30, 2015

Food Prep and training others!

It is "food prep" not necessarily "meal prep" that can help you and your family weekly stay the course in Healthy Eating Habits! It's WAY TO EASY to grab and go with the wrong choices, so do yourself a favor AND... GET THE WHOLE FAMILY INVOLVED!

Your spouse and kids can help where they are able and can safely do...
  • Grocery shop and have them make the Healthier choices: 
    • This not only empowers them but has them make the decision rather than the choice being made for them or forced on them.
    • You may only need to do this a few times. In the future, you can say "i got the Red Quinoa you liked and not the white". ;)
  • Clean and cut veggies and fruit with you.
    • You can do this together in the kitchen, increasing family time.
    • Having them touch the food and prep it increases involvement which is good for teaching them and showing this is a lifestyle, not a temporary diet or fad.
  • Cook and prep meals with you.
    • This also can increase skills on team work and involvement.
    • This is time spent with your spouse or kids that you might not normally have.
The above may mean that you let down your requirements on how something is done. If you are stubborn, you will then be by yourself in the whole thing. Letting them shop, prep, and cook with you can actually help you in the long run! You are training your family so you're not alone and for their health long term too!

My weekly staples...
zucchini, onions, red peppers - cleaned & diced cut
carrots, cucumbers, celery - cleaned & cut into sticks
10 eggs and 4-6 chicken breasts - boil (saving the chicken liquid)

This makes MEAL Prep/assembly easy during the week. The Chicken Liquid is used when I make Quinoa or Brown Rice or Millet. These can be done in advance too!

You may feel like you're in the kitchen all day and that's ok, It's time invested in your health and saves your money long term in not eating out, not getting sick as often (eating better foods), and when you do it you know what's in it. Eating real food is worth the time!

Take it in stages. Do what you can. Evolve your eating lifestyle within your resources. Training others can be testing but is another good investment for you and for their health. GO TEAM!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

What's my secret? #002: Spices

You can say, I've "spiced-up" my life!

My shelf was full of "blended spices" but now, it's full on basically one-ingredient spices (read the ingredient list on the label no matter what is says on front). Some blends use gluten, salt, or sweeteners to bulk it and don't have to list it on the list.

Since people think veggies and food is bland when you take our salt and sugar, then try something new! Yes, this was out of my comfort zone and new and different and scary! But you have to dive in when it's your health you're working with!

This was easy to go to since we like curry, but curry is a BLEND, so why not just use the best spice in it! Here is more amazing information on turmeric and health benefits from Dr. Axe.
Read more here about Curcumin from the Medicine Hunter! Amazing stuff.

Another one that is blended in our Chili powder and such, but now we just buy it alone and use it in various recipes; from omelets (turmeric too) and smoothies! Read more from Dr Axe on Cayenne.

I use this daily, unless I forget. Mainly in my smoothies and now in my off/on coffee drinks. The benefits are amazing according to everything I've read (and hope it's true). Read more here on

Check out TreeHugger for more spice ideas! Parsley will be a staple in my house soon too, fresh, that is (no longer looked at as a garnish!)

Make Spices a staple and not a challenge or hindrance. It could mean HEALTH or SICKNESS! Spice it up!

Various Solutions to storing spices