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Monday, June 19, 2017

You Spend Money and Time...Where?

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In life we spend money and we spend time, how are you going to spend yours? It's a choice...
It's Day 170 of 2017! My daily shake... Makes Health so EASY and DELICIOUS!!!!
I recently went to the doctor about not feeling well. I had a fever and other symptoms. It seemed to be something going around.
He looked in my chart and was trying to find out the last time I came to him. Would you believe the date was in 2012? 🙌
People say that eating healthy can be expensive. Well being sick can cost you both time and money we're healthy only cost you money but gives you more time to live and enjoy living. I have thoroughly enjoyed the freedom of not going to the doctor. Amen, right!?
I have saved time sitting in a waiting room, saved time not going to the pharmacy, saved money on a copay for doctor visit, saved money from the pharmacy in prescription or over-the-counter medicines, saved time not having to lie on the couch or in bed with downtime. Moms aren't allowed downtime. 😉
I'll say it again...
In life we spend money and we spend time, how are you going to spend yours? It's a choice.

Monday, June 12, 2017

How may I help you free and unconditionally?

Hello y'all, I'm Jackie Davis @healthywitness
A passionate wife since 2000, mom of 4, and healthy living educator with enthusiasm for nutrition, fitness, and self care.
In Oct 2011, I changed my knowledge on healthy eating, realizing there were too many MYTH Health foods out there keeping me sick and overweight. My personal results like rarely getting sick, getting off BP meds, and being PCOS & Candida Free through FOOD CHANGES absolutely inspired me to reach out to others and help with their health goals through some simple adjustments in lifestyle.
I became a Beachbody coach in 2015 to increase my resources and support community for long term maintenance (at a discount), to be trained better on helping others in person and virtually, and honor my late mom who would be here if she had help, resources, and support for Healthy Living. My services are still FREE!
Before this life, I retired from Corporate Marketing/Branding and shifted into motherhood (2004) followed by our family pursuing life as full time Christian missionaries in Central America (2006).
So I am now a Married, Mom, Missionary, and Motivator, How may I help you free and unconditionally?

Monday, June 5, 2017

It's Summer Y'all!

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Lol! 😂

But seriously, forget Summer ready... how about healthy for life! I have 3 spots left to add to my Healthy Habits Living crew for June. Choose your Challenge pack. (If immediate weightloss is your goal, then get the Kickstarter). After 3 weeks, if you're not happy, then get refund! 

I'm like a cop on quota week with my radar gun. 😂I have my "help 3 people a month" quota (plus it helps pay bills). You will not be disappointed if you follow the guide to help you start, restart, or continue healthy habits. No 'dieting'. Living healthy takes learning, practice, and staying focused with long term support... Me 😁👍😉

Hurry spots can fill and I can only handle 3. Lol busy momma on a mission to help others. (Help can be one on one, or in a group).

If you or anyone you know wants details, message me

Monday, May 29, 2017

Easy and Delicious

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Good morning, my shake mix with coconut milk, water, and ice and digest boost. 
Mmmmm losing and keeping it off has never been so easy and delicious! 

God has called me to change lives through spiritual health and physical health. 

I wake up Daily Praying to help one person. 

  • Who will it be today? 
  • Can you be proactive in YOUR health? ... Opportunity to stay healthy easier with a daily superfood shake! 
Order here:

Monday, May 22, 2017

It's learning, living, and never giving up that matters!

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It's learning, living, and never giving up that matters! <3 In this photo, I was SO HAPPY, and Joyful with my life, but I was clueless to the reality I was headed into... In photo (2011): - Loved that I am happily married. - Loved being a mom times 4!!!! - Loved what I saw in the mirror. - Loved being blessed by God and family. - Loved the nonprofit God called us to start. ...and more. In reality: - I was everything listed above, but... clueless to a huge life change with the help of God in about 6 months later. - I never saw or would call my self 'obese', I was plus size. - I was not 'heavy', I had curves. - It was not on my radar that I was on a path to any ill health. 6 months later: - I had gotten sick. Very sick, flu-like. After labs and more, it was clear I had a candida episode. 3 days later: - I changed my eating - HEALED and side affect was fat loss - no 'diet' just learn what ingredients were making me sick 18 months later (2013): - Zero symptoms of Candida, PCOS, IBS, or High BP - Gained energy, no more achy joints - Reached high school size, but felt better than ever - Realized "HOW BIG I WAS in 2011" I has NO CLUE! :( 18 months later (2015): - Added home fitness that my OUT OF SHAPE body could do - Feet were in pain from severe bunions - Kept doing what I could as long as I could - Maintaining the weight loss too! 2016: two feet surgeries - worked out in between surgeries - maintaining weight through eating well - took off fitness last half of year 2017 Restarted Fitness journey that I started in 2015 #ALLin - Started and completed 3 programs (y) - Then fitness burnout - Then restarted, but just discouraged - Took weeks off, ate bad for Bday and got sick TODAY: - RESTARTED Fitness....! - Different realistic personal Plan, Approach - Increased focus/mindset, and my rules - Newest program in my streaming fitness (added last week) was SO FUN and DOABLE! Kids had a blast with me!! Looking back... - Baby steps - Stay Focused on Health Goal(s) - Self care is WISE & Responsible (not selfish) - I have time to do this - Spend time and money on Health or Sickness, I choose Health! The was new, a challenge, and now I feel so great! - jackie - not perfect, just living as best as I can and feeling great trying WOOT! Do you struggle with Nutrition and/or Fitness? Or is it just me? Message me, I'd love to hear YOUR story. <3 If you'd like to try the streaming fitness, you can for free, no obligation. comes will MEAL PLANS/GUIDES, Fitness Journals, Recipes, and MORE.

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