Monday, July 8, 2019

Success, we're all differrent

Success. Smile and know you are successful!
What is your measure for success?
It's probably a good guess that there are many different units of measure!
This past week, I spoke to someone who gave me a list of accomplishments. They went on about how these accomplishments were proving successful. It was definitely an impressive list.
As I listened to the list, it made me very happy for the person and their accomplishments. It also had me reflecting personally on success.
These are a few things I've come to know...
1 Success is really personal. Sure you have family and friends that your actions might affect, but through it, all, the goal, the purpose, and the result is all with you.
2 Success is not always seen. There are many things accomplished that are not told or boasted. Things that are not tangible.
3 Success is defined differently. It shouldn't be quantified. It shouldn't be compared. It's not apples to apples.
4 Success is applauded. With our differences, we all should still support, encourage, and celebrate all kinds of success.
We should not keep score.
My success and your success cannot be compared and shouldn't be. Period.
Be proud of you and your accomplishments.
Think. Think about things that you've done, things that happened because of you, and the impact you've made.
You've done it. You're amazing.
Keep writing your story by accomplishing more that's unique to you!
I'm successful, and it feels so good!!

Monday, July 1, 2019

Do you diffuse?

Ahhh aromatherapy. 
Today while I volunteered at school, I wore my diffuser necklace.

I love my lavender. (No I don't sell EO, ­čśé) Do you EO? Diffuse?

Monday, June 24, 2019

Increase those veggies!

Increasing my veggies is a must. Inflammation and other symptoms (mostly weight gain) is happening as I've consumed fewer veggies in the past year! Ugh!!! More veggies, who's with me?!

Monday, June 17, 2019

Believe it!

Did you know that? 
Believe it! It's true. Don't use time or money as an excuse for not reaching your goals in life. 
We've all seen underdog stories of people pushing through and succeeding.

You can, you just have to do it!.

Monday, June 10, 2019

An example to grow and keep growing

This avocado tree behind me didn't grow overnight. In fact, it's 5 years old. I know because I put the seed out and planted it.

I had always seen those pictures of avocado seeds with toothpicks sitting half and water. I tried it many times and got nothing. Finally just started taking the seeds and plant them right in the ground and leaving them alone.

Before I knew it, I had little saplings.

This one has been dug up because we had to move. unfortunately, though I think it is no longer living because I had to put it somewhere and I haven't seen it in two weeks. 
I know they are tough but we'll see.

The best part of the story about this tree is that it grew where it wasn't supposed to, in a rose bush garden. I remember moving in and our landlord saying that her only requirement was to keep the roses alive.

There was an avocado tree between each rose bush. I have taken them out because we moved and I am sure the roses will be just fine.

I loved this garden because it taught me a lot. About being pruned, moved, growing in adverse conditions and more.

Thank you avocado tree for being an example to me to grow and keep growing!