Thursday, December 10, 2015

Looking Back to Go Forward

‪#‎TBT‬ 2006 (inset 2015)
They call it "Throw Back Thursday" and it can be fun or not-so-fun looking back depending on your story. Either way, it helps mold our story and guide us to future decisions.

I swore I was healthy then. I was totally fine wearing XL & XXL clothes! As long as I could find my size, I was ok! It's wasn't until 2011, when I woke up to that fact that INGREDIENTS were the cause of ALL my Symptoms! PCOS, colds, allergies, blood pressure (in addition to stress), diarrhea, high body temp, and much much more! I devoured the info I researched. With the new knowledge, awareness, and drive to be healthier, I was empowered to change my eating lifestyle eventually changing my life (not to mention changing my jean size 5 times!)
Now, I embark on a life's purpose to help others seek their health potential through changes by introducing, adding, or increasing healthy lifestyle habits in the areas of water intake, sleeping, eating, exercising, and de-stressing all with support to increase success.
I'm here for free unconditional support, encouragement, and resources.
- Jackie,