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Jackie Davis, Healthy Lifestyle Coach. Founder #TeamEternalMotivation & "Better Choices, Better Life"
Welcome to my site focused on Nutrition, Fitness, and Self Care. These are key to living your days as best as you can! It's easier to do with unconditional support to increase your long term success.

It's my passion and purpose to educate others for Healthy Living! You'll also be inspired to dream big and start living a much more fulfilling life.

I'm a happy wife, mother mom of 4, managing a nonprofit while personally maintaining healthy habits after an amazing Personal Health Overhaul from Oct 2011 to Sept 2013.

After changing my eating lifestyle through "Ingredient Hacking", it was amazing to experience losing 5 jean sizes, 2 ring sizes and more. Now it's great to have energy and keep up with the kids (home schooling & travel), the house, the nonprofit ministry, and my wellness business. It cannot be done unless I'm focused on my personal responsibility for healthy habits living daily.

See, it wasn't always this great for me.

After suffering with PCOS for decades (including infertility and miscarriage), stress induced high blood pressure, other TMI symptoms/issues (I'll spare you), I found myself tired, achy, and weighing my heaviest after the birth of our fourth child at 38 years old, I thought I was eating healthy and active, but I was so wrong and not in the best shape to keep up with my roles/responsibilities.

As a wife/mom of 4 who suffered High BP, Candida, PCOS, and more for over 2 decades, I was nearing 300 pounds at my biggest. During those 2 decades, I was between sizes 16-22 yo-yo'ing. I was 'ok' with my size, but uncomfy to get on the floor or up off it. Dreaded flying or trying to squeeze in small seats in theaters, people's homes etc.

Full-time online coach guiding people to achieve their goals in health.
My health and size had many unspoken symptoms not to mention emotional and mental baggage. NOW, I am amazed that a FEW Changes in Lifestyle have yielded being Free of the above mentioned issues and then amazing weight loss and KEEPING IT OFF!!! What's your goal? You can do it. I want to guide, cheer, and see you achieve it!

8 years later in 2020, I am still going strong! See my 2012 video clip:

There are too many myth health foods, 'diets' that are not custom enough for each of our unique needs, and workouts that are not realistic for all body types, skills, and abilities. Through my personal experience, story, and continued success, I can help you with a plan unique to you.

It is truly mind-blowing that my passion for personal health and fitness would lead me to helping countless others in a home-based business. I am dedicated not only to helping others design their health journey (unique and realistic), but also helping them design their life with this amazing opportunity!

I'm looking forward to connecting with you here or ask to join my free support group or the details of my next challenge group! Monthly, I also share the opportunity for your own home-based business. So look in my EVENTS tab to attend the next one.

Message me to get your wellness journey started, restarted, or with support so you reach your success your way in your time. I am your Independent Team Beachbody Coach. As resources allow, I will be Nutrition Certified, then I will be Trainer Certified.

Your healthy witness,
In 2011, she changed her knowledge on health and became passionate about inspiring others to reach their health goals while living the example of her encouragement. She retired from Corporate Marketing/Branding and shifted into motherhood followed by her family pursuing life as full time Christian missionaries in Central America. She listens to your health needs and guides you on how to succeed long term with support.

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Lake Atitlan, Panajachel, Solola, Guatemala.

*It is not a substitute for, nor does it replace, professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment of health conditions. Please consult your physician or other healthcare professional before beginning or changing any fitness program to make sure that it is appropriate for your needs.