Sunday, March 5, 2023

Going backwards to go forwards!

 So I have been in this "balance" mode for far too long. It basically has been a slow backslide especially since 2020. But I KNOW for a fact that I would have a full backslide if I was NOT drinking my shakes. 

I eat crap and drink my shakes daily and THAT TRULY has been my BALANCE.

"In moderation" has NEVER worked for me. NEVER

So I am going BACK, back to something (one of them) that worked and it's Atkins or now mostly callee KETO.

Wish me the best as I do weekly weigh ins with my fellow VIPKid teachers for accountability. It's called a contest but we're only competing against ourselves! 

I'll report my results as time goes and time allows!!! Follow me on @HealthyWitness on Instagram

 a few weeks ago

 this week already!