Monday, December 7, 2020

Still GOING and going as strong as I can in a Pandemic!

HELLO!  It has been a crazy year but ALL GOOD!

I sure hope you can say that for yourself!

For a brief time (2 months summer 2020), I was without my shakes, but as soon as I got them back (after flying to the US to get them) - life was better again!

- I feel better

- If I eat bad, it helps reset me

- I know I am getting nutrients

Sure I could be smaller, but I should DEF be bigger but I am not... How???

  • Working out 4-6 days a week with 10-20 min workouts!
  • Drinking my shakes daily with added fiber blend (shhh that's my fat loss secret).

If you want health and willing to so some but not a ton of work, then do what I do...

1 yr BOD subscription and Monthly Shake Subscription!

(If you want to save $15/month, then become a coach. Even with the coach fee - waived if you are Military or Nonprofit - you still save!)

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Message me with questions - I am as honest and transparent as I can be - no gimmicks or tricks! Just trying to be healthy with honest products and avoiding the Pharmacy and routine/maintenance Doctor Visits saving me TIME and MONEY!