Monday, August 17, 2020

Adding New Journeys


It has been about 3 weeks of training. I have accepted a position to teach a high school elective.

There are others that are teaching the core classes and have a much Fuller load than I do. I also work in the administration building for the schools Communications and publications. I'm greatly overjoyed with the assignment.

This journey just started and it's been interesting to see the patterns.

At first I don't know anything, then I learned a ton and get overwhelmed. Before I know it, a day or two will pass and I will finally pick out the parts I really need to know. It is learning this portion control of information that has been key to my successful beginnings of the school year. When I don't know things, I take big of bites that are too big. so now when I don't know something, I let it all get served on a plate, and then I feel like it's a buffet. I will pick and choose the parts that I know in need.

I appreciate your prayers in this addition to my awesome journey called life.