Monday, June 8, 2020

When I was dubbed "Super Fan"

The year 2014 was after I reached my goal and really needed to put a plan in place for maintenance.

I was finding resources that supported my new lifestyle. 

I know I needed more plants! I needed something quick and easy.

Naturade has GREAT resources and I could not buy then fast enough. It was quality and affordable for my low income / poverty level purse.

It was great to be recognized as a SUPER FAN in 2014 with Naturade!

Here's the text in case the site or page ever goes away:

Jackie Davis lives in Jacksonville, Florida with her husband and four kids. The whole family travels to Central America for managing the operations of their construction ministry. Traveling is not an excuse to give up on her healthy lifestyle. She is passionate about eating healthy, which she has defined as the right quality, quantity, and frequency of foods. She encourages many to make realistic long-term lifestyle changes.
Her own lifestyle changed in 2011, eight months after the birth of their fourth child. After getting ill and coming to a  revelation that certain food ingredients were causing these symptoms, she changed her diet immediately and saw many results. After her food intake changed from fast/processed/junk food to whole/cleaner/non-GMO foods, she learned that vegan protein powders (dairy/soy-free) were giving her the results she desired. She uses protein powders for meal smoothies, snack smoothies, waffles, cookies, and more.
Fun Fact: Jackie is currently learning to play the piano, flute, guitar, and clarinet. She wants to encourage her kids to learn an instrument. So she figures she needs to learn before they do. Jackie also enjoys quilting, facilitates the kids’ virtual school while they travel, and is the coordinator for a conference held in Guatemala where about 400+ people attend.
Here’s what Jackie had to say about Naturade products, “I discovered Naturade products during our travels and loved the ingredients and price! The Naturade VeganSmart All-In-One Nutritional Shake Vanilla is delicious alone and is versatile when I want to create my own chocolate or other flavored smoothies. Naturade’s Pea Protein is great, too. I know I am getting my needed protein, especially while we travel.” She adds, “I want to live my days as healthy as I can within my control. Naturade VeganSmart All-In-One Nutritional powders are helping me do just that. Let’s Do This!”
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