Monday, June 29, 2020

Even I cannot believe it!

So 3 weeks ago, I finally feel ready for working out and it not feeling like work... Just do it!

The pain was taking pictures and measurements. It just takes time, hahaha.

But boy was I glad I did! Because today I did it again to see. They scale is up and down and up and it's just discouraging but I know my clothes feel better! 

SO HERE's the proof!!!

I modify the workouts. 
I do NOT jump.
I do NOT plank.
I DO engage my core.
I DO tighten the glutes.

I am so technical with this workout.

I have eaten horrible. I am usually 80/20 or even 90/10 but I have been 50/50.

It's a crazy time and fast food or bread/cereal are easy! But I pay for it in inflammation and more.

Anyway, be encouraged to move 15 min a day. Improve your health!