Monday, May 18, 2020

What is your stress reliever?

Stress reliever.
Do you garden? Well I am not completely a green thumb, but I do like to see a plant grow from a seed or from a starter of another plant.

I think doing any activity with her hands can help us relieve stress. Some people are doing puzzles, others draw, I know I love to quilt. gardening or taking care of our plants is another stress reliever for me. It's away from the computers, less screen time. Just overall very good. Not to mention the vitamin D and physical activity.

We have a planter in front of the town home and so it was overgrown with grass. When the stay home order started, I ripped out all the grass. Then my daughters and I brought some plants from our other plants.

Then my husband wonderfully got me some black paper and White Rock. Yesterday we put the White Rock down. On my nose you can see the white dust from the White Rock.

anyway it may not be a work of art and landscaping but my daughters and I did it and we are so happy. Creating memories, getting active, and keeping our mental and emotional health in check.

What other tips are ideas do you have for mental and emotional health? Sometimes it also helps physical health.

Let us all keep supporting one another.