Monday, May 4, 2020

Got out!

Finally got out today because of this guy. He wanted to go find Pokemon. We were never able to do that when it was popular so no time like now.

It was awesome because we were distracted walking finding these things instead of thinking about how exhausting it was to go up and down these hills. ­čĄú

I need to walk more, move more, Lift more, and just be overall more mindful of Health and wellness. Now that we are 7 weeks past our new normal it's time to figure out how to control what I can control within the new normal.

Life is good, so very good.

by the way, can I be honest and let you know that yesterday I felt extremely awful. I don't know what it was but I had the worst headache ever but I pushed through to do my regular mom duties and work duties. By the afternoon I was really miserable. I remember telling myself when I felt better to not forget how good it feels to feel good.

Today I feel good and I am enjoying it. Being present more than ever.

How are you doing? Know that every day can be so different.