Monday, January 6, 2020

Dang Bar is a good bar!

@dangfoods have made some amazing healthy bars. I purchased the three flavors they had at @cvspharmacy and my favorite is the lemon matcha bar.

Mmmmmmm. I even have one in my backpack right now for tomorrow's flight back to Guatemala.

It is exciting to return to work on non profit for the next six months or so. I wish I could take a whole box back with me. I will see if there was a way for me to get more bars and have the various Mission teams that travel back and forth possibly bring me a box. I am really in a funk with my current health status and I know bars like this help make healthy eating easier.

To grab & Go is best for us busy moms. We need to take care of ourselves so therefore we can care for our family.

The price was great too.

Check these out. Also check out their vanilla almond flavor, and their chocolate coconut. 😊👍