Monday, December 23, 2019

Trying to Focus

I'm trying to stay focused and encourage myself. Viewing recipes again, going back to my original virtual health coaches pages to be inspired and updated on the latest and greatest.

It is truly black and white for me. I'm either eating well or I'm not. But this time, eating well will be so extreme. I know I need to have zero tolerance but I also need 2 open a few more rules that promote health while allowing some flexibility.

I hope you are doing this for yourself as well. Give yourself some rules, give yourself some boundaries but not too tight. Allow yourself to have space within a healthy lifestyle. For most of us this means researching for resources because they're out there.

Too many of us think that we are limited eating healthy to only a few things but that's not true. There are many many things as a resources are out there. Sure they may cost a little more but you are worth every penny and more.