Monday, November 18, 2019

Time for me.

Time for me. Large Black coffee... Americano, while daughter fellowships with her peers. 😁👍 Hubby watches youngest daughters and son is being dropped off at home by the sweetest, dearest friend one could have in her life, especially today.

Have you been going and going? I pray God orchestrates a few hours to yourself. I didn't know I needed it until it all fell in place. Ahh.

Sitting alone isn't killing me either! Life is great. As long as I choose to see that. Sure, I could complain about much that is NOT right, good, or going as planned or desired... But where will that get me?? In a pity party.... I really have enjoyed gratitude parties MUCH BETTER.. it feels good.

I appreciate you reading my post! I mean you got this far! That's cool! 😘 Know I do genuinely appreciate you. Message me or comment a thumbs up or even better.... Tell me how you are intentional about time to yourself or having gratitude!! I love ideas!