Monday, November 11, 2019

I'm proud of you!

Tell someone.
Online, we get to stay connected with people we are not able to see daily.
I have a dear and sweet classmate from high school that I have stayed connected to off and on as our time and technology allows.
Through her posts, I keep thinking of how proud I am of her. She is driven and always has been. Life can give us curve balls especially as we become a spouse, a parent, and especially self-employed while running a household. I am just so impressed with her through ups and downs and everything in between.
So recently, I private messaged her that I was proud of her genuinely and her response was not what I expected. She said my message came at the right time and she appreciated it. From my perspective I just really have been applauding her from the sidelines for quite a while but finally got brave enough to let her know that I was proud of her.
Since I realized how profound this was I figured I wanted to help others encourage others. Be bold, let someone know you're proud of them.
Share this image! ... Spouses, children, co-workers, your boss, your subordinates, even the clerk helping you at the store and more. We should be glad that someone is in our life, has a job, that someone's doing their best, maybe they're not doing great, but it's their best. We need to applaud others unconditionally.


Jackie ­čĺÜ