Monday, July 8, 2019

Success, we're all differrent

Success. Smile and know you are successful!
What is your measure for success?
It's probably a good guess that there are many different units of measure!
This past week, I spoke to someone who gave me a list of accomplishments. They went on about how these accomplishments were proving successful. It was definitely an impressive list.
As I listened to the list, it made me very happy for the person and their accomplishments. It also had me reflecting personally on success.
These are a few things I've come to know...
1 Success is really personal. Sure you have family and friends that your actions might affect, but through it, all, the goal, the purpose, and the result is all with you.
2 Success is not always seen. There are many things accomplished that are not told or boasted. Things that are not tangible.
3 Success is defined differently. It shouldn't be quantified. It shouldn't be compared. It's not apples to apples.
4 Success is applauded. With our differences, we all should still support, encourage, and celebrate all kinds of success.
We should not keep score.
My success and your success cannot be compared and shouldn't be. Period.
Be proud of you and your accomplishments.
Think. Think about things that you've done, things that happened because of you, and the impact you've made.
You've done it. You're amazing.
Keep writing your story by accomplishing more that's unique to you!
I'm successful, and it feels so good!!