Monday, June 10, 2019

An example to grow and keep growing

This avocado tree behind me didn't grow overnight. In fact, it's 5 years old. I know because I put the seed out and planted it.

I had always seen those pictures of avocado seeds with toothpicks sitting half and water. I tried it many times and got nothing. Finally just started taking the seeds and plant them right in the ground and leaving them alone.

Before I knew it, I had little saplings.

This one has been dug up because we had to move. unfortunately, though I think it is no longer living because I had to put it somewhere and I haven't seen it in two weeks. 
I know they are tough but we'll see.

The best part of the story about this tree is that it grew where it wasn't supposed to, in a rose bush garden. I remember moving in and our landlord saying that her only requirement was to keep the roses alive.

There was an avocado tree between each rose bush. I have taken them out because we moved and I am sure the roses will be just fine.

I loved this garden because it taught me a lot. About being pruned, moved, growing in adverse conditions and more.

Thank you avocado tree for being an example to me to grow and keep growing!