Monday, February 4, 2019

Reflection forward!

Yesterday I posted this on my Facebook Page:

Today is a rest day and I am simply amazed at comparing the beginning to now during this process.

My free private group gets to see this comparison without the boxes.

I let them know that years ago when I lost my hundred pounds in food changes that I had a friend also lose a hundred pounds but she also lost way more inches than me not only changing her food but adding Fitness. Well I was very happy for her, I was a tad jealous.

I wasn't in the season to add Fitness at the time. It was also before my feet surgery when I was in Daily pain standing and walking on my feet. but I know somehow someway I need that Fitness to my life and lifestyle.

Fast forward to now.
My feet are fixed and I am mentally more ready to add Fitness knowing that as I age I need to stay active. I'm 45 years young!

Plus at the beginning of every workout, I start to think of ways to just not do it, but my new way to conquer this is to just do it before I don't. At the end of every workout, I am overflowing with positive emotions of being so proud that I did it and showed up.

Seriously 20 minutes, once I started timing how long 20 minutes is during a normal day... it's really not that long.

During these workouts, we do 3 exercises that we count and try to beat the number every time.

Most of them I have beaten and every time we do them I can't believe it's done and over. Just reflecting today how excited I am about completion!!!

Yay me!