Monday, July 23, 2018

Who's with me?

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I absolutely love Max Capacity training app. I've done in the past and I haven't stopped thinking about doing it again.
This morning it was a no-brainer to just do it. I keep procrastinating restarting my workout lifestyle and I know this one is easy for me because it's quick, it tells me what to do, and I see results. I'm just using it today to get myself started. I kept overthinking and rethinking which made me keep procrastinating.
Today, I decided to make it day one and to just do it! I know for two very dear friends this year, they did not decide the day they were diagnosed with type-2 diabetes. It just happened. So this was a wake-up call for me to do the same with my health and for me in particular my workout lifestyle to just do it, just start, doesn't matter the day of the week, the day of the month or the month of the year. Start because health issues, ailments, and diseases are waiting to come out unless a healthy lifestyle is maintained.
it is always been my thing to prevent, postpone, and avoid diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Living my days as best as I can. I confess that I have been weeks since December and it may not have been the best that I can but I've done the best that I could so far. Today I'm kicking myself a little bit more in the butt to do better.
Who's with me?
Now my reward will be my shake. I cannot wait to have my vegan vanilla Shakeology with my Digestive Health boost. I'm not just going to see if I cry I'm going to shed this extra weight that I have gained since my emergency appendix surgery and combat the issues I've had since.
Who's with me?
Working out alone if something I have to do if I have to, but it's no fun. I would love for others to work out with me.
Who's with me?
I really want to start the LIIFT4 workout. Everything is already planned out all I have to do is show up and push play. It's only 4 days a week. Combining what I would call regular exercises with some weights light or heavy depending on you. Plus the meal plan and nutrition is there is laid out, spelled out for you.
Who's with me?
The most successful plan you can make is giving yourself a schedule, a deadline. So right now I will help you do that. August 15th will be the sign up deadline for the LIIFT4 workout challenge group. We will start August 20th. At the end of the challenge you get a free gift!!
Who's with me?
Simply comment below I'm in or private message me for more info.
Challenge yourself to make changes because I know you would like your health and for many of us our bodies to change. Change won't happen unless we make changes.
Who's with me? Will it be you?
Let's get results in 8 weeks!