Monday, July 9, 2018

Same Focus, Improved Service, just a name change

Okay, so, I changed the name of my social media pages to my first and last name. 
Was that a bad idea?

I'm still Coach Jackie.
I am still Healthy Witness.

I completely confess that my heart sunk when I saw that 4 people unliked my Fcaebook page as soon as the name was changed. 10 in total for the week.­čśč 10 

My purpose, motivation, and responsibility has NOT changed.

Yes, I feel very responsible for helping others, guiding others, and inspiring others for a healthy lifestyle.

It is my hope that more people will LIKE this page, be inspired, and given hope that they also can live life healthier and more fulfilling through adjustments and changes.
People should feel supported and helped and encouraged.
Resources should be shared and given and available for all walks of life to succeed.
I know where I was years ago and for the decades prior, I only felt certain people had certain Privileges and certain opportunities to succeed while I only had my life with its separate chosen path.

Because of social media, the internet, and my quest to research, I have been given the hope and put many different things into practice.
I'm able to now stand before you as a healthy witness of proof that it is possible.

If I can do it and I know you can do it as well. We are probably way more alike than you could possibly imagine.
Message me if you have questions or let me get to know you.