Monday, July 16, 2018

Control Actions, Get Support

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It is great to be blessed to be a mom.
It's crazy that it wasn't supposed to happen.
Not because when I was a teenager I never wanted to have kids. 😂
it was because after 12 months of eight different doctors a myriad of tests, labs, and very embarrassing appointments, I was told I would never have children without medical intervention.
It was the hardest thing because in 2002, it seemed that everyone I knew was getting pregnant and or giving birth.
it was so very hard, but I've had to do a lot of praying and acceptance and surrendering to a situation I couldn't control.
Fast-forward to 2004 and we were blessed with our first born. Within six years, we were blessed with four children. I did experience in miscarriage and that was extremely hard. That kind of grief doesn't go away but I'm glad that my faith and support helped me.
All of this to say two things,
1) we can't control everything but we can definitely control how we at we react to it
2) we need support to get us through any situation. Find people can relate.
I don't know where you are in life, what is your season, and what is happening to you and around you, but our paths are crossing right now and I completely believe for a reason.
Whether you know me or not, please know that I am here for you unconditionally to listen to you and support you.
For years I have gathered people around me who understand challenges and struggles in life.
I invite you to join our free support group. Many of us haven't even begun to start our health journey and we keep wanting to but life is so challenging. Others have started their health Journey but they have also restarted their health Journey. While others are on their health Journey and just still trying to find what will work long-term.
Wherever you are just know you're welcome.
Private message me and I will give you the link to join the group.