Monday, June 4, 2018

Your Legacy, what is it?

I can't remember exactly that "leave a Legacy" hit me as a goal to reach and really shape my daily living, but since I realized this it has been definitely a life-changer. basically it was, how are people going to remember me?
in the past 6 years, I have greatly changed my lifestyle primarily in eating, then in those I hang around, while also adjusting the incoming messages of media, social media and such.
I had realized my legacy would be determined by my actions. it is not that many people are watching me, but those who get to experience my presents. I believe we cross people's paths for a reason and that moment needs to be the best it can be.
I grew up in a critical environment where everything was questioned or not the best, so you had to be better, you needed to be better, and you needed to change what you're doing to be better. I am glad that now has an adult with four kids, I see that we need to meet people where they are, love on them where they are, and just embrace life in it's present state.
A few months ago, I started my own personal challenge, "the smile challenge". I had seen a photo taken of me where I was in the background, not the focus of the photo, and I saw how my normal relaxed face looked like I was mad or mean or not happy. So one day I stood in front of the mirror, made facial expressions, then close my eyes to feel what muscles were moving, and realize that only with a slight adjustment I could look veryhappy, pleasant, and approachable. it was going to be a practice I wanted to put into my life to have a better facial expression whether I was standing in line, in my car at a stoplight, or just walking down the street.
So my smile challenge meant for me to be more mindful of my facial expression and to actually smile at people (not completely with teeth all the time) but to pass on happiness through facial expression because it's translated in any language. My family and I spend most of our year in Central America and many foreigners pass through in addition to locals that not only speak Spanish but many indigenous languages.
I will say the months following the beginning of this personal challenge, I have definitely noticed people smiling back, people looking happier, and people even surprised to see a warm smile cast that way.
It is a gesture to let others know I'm here with you, we're all in this together, and things don't have to be perfect but you are loved.
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Something else I'm more intentional is sharing jokes or something funny with family and friends because laughter is healthy. They say don't go to bed mad, I say watch something or read something funny before going to bed ... laugh before falling asleep.
So I guess my legacy would be to smile and laugh more. It doesn't mean life is perfect or that you're extremely happy it just means that you're not going to let those things steal your joy and inner peace.
Jackie Davis