Monday, June 11, 2018

Where you are, is a choice!

Healthy is living life to the fullest. I had an office job for years and absolutely loved it but about 13 years ago my husband and I became parents and missionaries.

Fast forward to now and I can without a doubt say that I am so very happy, living a very full life, and fulfilling my purposes, roles, and responsibilities.

Are you living life fully, abundantly, and happy?

No matter where you are living, working, Etc, I can 100% testify that it's all a choice. I too didn't believe I could change careers or try to be self-employed starting with nothing.

This photo is me and my friend Ruth. My husband and I manage our nonprofit in Guatemala. Ruth is also an entrepreneur, self-employed, and mother of 3.

Ruth, like me tries new things, provides for her family, and it always isn't perfect but she does her best.

Pray for her and her family, pray for me and my family, and we will in turn pray for you. 
Comment below and let us know what you do or what you want to do.