Monday, May 14, 2018

Positive mindset, do you have it?

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2B Mindset Details Page

Here are the highlights of this program:
  • Exercise is “Extra Credit”. Totally unique for any program.
  • No portion control containers or counting calories.
  • Water first. You drink water before every meal—and even before your coffee.
  • Veggies most. Vegetables are the dominant food group in this nutrition plan.
  • There’s a roadmap for each meal of the day. It’s not rigid…it’s a template that lays out how much protein, veggies and fiber rich carbs you SHOULD have.
  • You track your food. For now, you do this in the book you get with the program…soon there will be an app.
  • Every day starts with a weigh in. This is designed to teach you what works and what doesn’t.

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