Monday, April 16, 2018

Kitchen Necessities: Small Tools

These are the best small tools to have in a kitchen when you are trying to eat healthier! They are really a must. I know I didn't have them before and even when I got them, I did not use them much, but now they are a necessity!

I use these very often now. You will too if you don't have them already!

What is a tool you use often that I don't have listed here?

Apple Corer

You can core the apple only and then slice sideways for apple sliced cookies or you can core the apple while making wedges too! YOU CHOOSE!
Image result for apple corer  Image result for apple corer

Vegetable Spiraler

You can make healthier 'noodles' this this! I love my Veggeti to make Zoodles! The kids get whole grain noodles while I enjoy 'pasta' night with my Zoodles! YUM! You can use hand held Spiraler (wheat I have) or you can get the counter top one. YOU CHOOSE!

Image result for veggetti   Image result for Vegetable Spiralizer

Vegetable Peeler

I have used knives and low cost peelers, but I cannot encourage the investment of a good quality peeler for your veggies! I use them for cucumbers and carrots mostly.
Image result for vegetable peelerImage result for vegetable peeler