Monday, April 23, 2018

Kitchen Necessities: Big Tools

These are KEY to eating healthier. Yes cooking at home takes time but that is what we're missing! Time with preparing our food. Time with family, get the kids involved! Delegate the tasks to share off-screen time together! Plus you all eat healthier increasing the quality and MEMORIES of your lives!

Food Processor

I remember watching videos and seeing people use these. I got one for Christmas and was at first intimidated! But knew I wanted to make protein balls and more fun foods that were raw and healthy! If you don't have one, Get one!

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Electric Pressure Cooker (EPC)

Yes this is the best gift I have gotten lately! I am not calling it an "instant pot" because that is a BRAND NAME and "Instant Pot" MAKES SLOW COOKERS as well, so please know this! There are many Electeric Pressure cookers out there! Get what you like! I do have an "Instant Pot" brand one myself, but again rather call it what it is and it's an "ELECTRIC PRESSURE COOKER".
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