Monday, March 19, 2018

Happy Anniversary to me!

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Happy anniversary to me!!
Yesterday (March 18) was my 18th wedding anniversary with my amazing husband.
This month is also my third anniversary of drinking Shakeology. I am so so glad I finally said yes to Shakeology after saying no for 2 years. I had scrutinize ingredients, and didn't know they had a plant-based version. Once I realized they had a plant one, it was a complete game-changer for me looking and researching for a shortcut to make you my superfood smoothies.
Prior to drinking Shakeology, I made smoothies from scratch, homemade, with super foods from the market here in Central America. All the nutritionist I followed had talked about various superfoods, similar to the all of them in Shakeology, and I realized I could get most of them here very easily and within budget.
But I confess, the time spent to make these smoothies homemade was taking up a lot of time.
So I needed a shortcut because I wanted my results of health and weight-loss to be lasting. I desperately did not want to back slide like I have in previous food and eating change seasons.
The reason for previous backsliding was because long-term I needed convenience.
It is just like when you make a home cook meal, you need to really do it all the time to make it healthy and to know what's actually in it but we have those days where we eat out, order out, or buy things in boxes, cans, and bags.
Convenience is what we need. I'm excited to know that next month The company Beachbody is going to release their new bar called Beach Bar. This company knows that people need convenience while Desiring health.
It is of course always best to eat whole food and real food and clean food. It is best to make your own everything.
But because of schedules, Lifestyles, and peoples have it, convenience and easy short cuts are needed. I love the Beachbody on demand where I can play my workouts for my phone, tablet, or any device. I love these shakes because they're quick and easy and extremely healthy and has prevented me from any major backslide, and I'm excited about the new bars coming out.
What anniversaries are you celebrating, is it a week, month, or a year since you started your health Journey? Many of us have started and restarted our journey.
Regardless, just stay focused and keep pushing forward doing your best every day,. It mess up here and there should not mean throwing in the towel.
Throwing in the towel can create a lot of laundry, let's not throw in the towel. Hehehe, love you all, Jackie