Monday, January 15, 2018

It's about HEALTH, not SIZE

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Take care of you!
Increase Quality of Life though the simplest lifestyle changes that we are so resistant to change because of comfort zone, routine, and familiarity.
I know I struggled to change, which is why I would YO-YO, or succeed on a fad plan and then go back to my old ways and basically go back to my old size. Low-Fat, Low-Calorie, Low-Carb, and more, I've done many... lost...felt great.. then went back to old ways, therefore went back to old health/size.
Change to positive behavior, see positive change.
Stop a positive behavior, stop positive chanage.
Am I the only one that had two set of clothes for those exact times? Smaller for successful weight loss and then bigger clothes for the backslide, which was usually winter season for me. Maybe just me.
So I had to change mindset and get REAL.
In 2010, I worked on my mindset for changes and WHY I wanted to reach certain health goals.
In 2011, God opened the door for change and I was more ready. Ready because I knew CHANGE meant CHANGE, NEW THINGS, EXPLORE, CHALLENGE, but it also meant closer to MY GOALS and Obtaining them SUCCESSFULLY!
Talk about explore and new... You think I knew what Quinoa was let alone how to pronounce it? 😂 I don't eat it much, but I know it's a better carb for me than other options. Flax Meal? Coconut oil? And more.
What did I do?
Increase water and sleep. Decrease portions. Increase veggies and protein. Decrease stress. Increase activity and support. Etc.
Like I just PMed a dear friend going through this same phase in life (making lifestyle changes from junk to real food, sedentary to active, etc)... I said, "2011 was my last year after plus size for 2 decades."
My goal wasn't weight loss though, that was a SIDE EFFECT of the lifestyle changes! I did however succeed in eliminating my PCOS symptoms, Candida symptoms, and get off BP meds (with doctor's authority) and more.
Since 2013, I have been in successful "lifestyle maintenance". I could NEVER say that before with my Temporary solutions and lack of support and resources to help succeed!
It's not easy by any means but the work, effort is so worth it. What are my goals? Avoid diabetes, avoid heart disease, and avoid cancer.
All this to say, I'm so glad to have focus. I hope all my loved ones (anyone reading this, yeah you) are also thinking of "WHY DO I WANT HEALTH" and use that as motivation to change and to keep a healthier lifestyle.
Baby steps are ok! Turtles win, not the hare.
I hope to inspire others. I know I have been when others show me what's possible through their experience and victory.
I'm proud I have definitely Increased the Quality of my life with the help of God! AMEN!