Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Transformation is VERY real!

Transformation Tuesday. You can have yours.
Will it be ONE DAY? or will you schedule your DAY ONE?
Health transformation, overhaul really!
Physical transformation, feeling younger than I did in my 20s!
Personal transformation, living free!
Believe and know if I can, YOU CAN!
Photo taken June 2010.
In Oct 2011, I made a personal choice to change my eating for improving my health.
By Sept 2013, my goals were reached! Then it was time for maintenance.
I did 'ok for a year, but I needed easy, short cuts, and quick fixes! LOL. So after checking out options I chose one that I have stuck with and it still does NOT disappoint!
Know I am cheering you on, praying you find what works and keeps you healthy! I've been supporting family and friends (and their options) free and unconditionally since 2012 with no sign of stopping!
Too many backslide and revert to former habits/ways. Support increases success for the long haul! Let's do this!
Reach out to me in PM. I'm your cheerleader! GO YOU!!! <3
- Jackie, because others before me shared their journey, possibilities, success and it gave me motivation, inspiration, and hope. I pray to be the same to some one!