Monday, November 20, 2017

Healthy from the inside!

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This quote is very true. For years after college graduation, I had worked out and continue to eat bad and had talked myself to thinking that the working out was allowing me to keep eating bad and maintain when I didn't realize I was still so unhealthy on the inside. Fast forward to 2011 when I finally woke up and realized that the specific ingredients in food that I was eating kept my blood work out of whack, blood pressure out of whack, and kept me suffering symptoms from PCOS, candida, and more. All of this poor eating cost me to purchase products for dandruff, wrinkles, acne, athlete's feet, and more other non fun symptoms that happened when the inside of your body is full of toxins and horrible ingredients causing leaky gut syndrome which causes a myriad of other horrible ailments, diseases, and more. Please let me testify that changing just a few ingredients here and there can drastically change and alter your health. It is in a way that simple but I know not that simple. It is best to add better ingredients first and then eliminate some of the horrible ingredients that are keeping us sick.