Monday, August 14, 2017

Public Accountability Post

Hey, it's time for my public accountability post since some of you might be curious visually and numerically how I'm doing in my health journey and maintenance.
The old me would hate this but now, it's no big deal. I am my size, I'm okay with it and showing others my progress is exactly the inspiration that motivated me to change my mindset, my path, and my life, once I put it All in to action!
Every Sunday, I measure inches, pounds, take photos to enter in My Challenge Tracker app (then monthly I enter it in a challenge for a free tshirt and possible cash prize!). This helps track progress in both my nutrition and Fitness. I can look back and see inches or pounds lost or gained based on different workouts, different eating plans, and life events.
Taking most of the summer off in working out was discouraging but it is encouraging to look at photos, the measurements are okay, and the pounds are okay, but pictures really help me see the changes.
I know many of you might be hesitant on taking any, but know that you are never required to share them, use them for your personal visual to see progress. Trust me it's different than a mirror. Of course your clothes feeling looser help you feel the progress too.
It is great to see the changes and I'm pleasantly surprised. I'm enjoying the new workout called shift shop. I have done a lot of modifications and will be posting videos on what those are.
Jeans are fitting better and just in time for fall!
Message or post as you feel comfortable to ask questions or share with me. How have you done since January 1? Did you take the summer off too? What will be your progress in a month? Or By January? And beyond?
Let's do this! I'm here, reach out to me. It will never be a "bother". I'd love to cheer you on!