Monday, August 28, 2017

Healthy Relationships

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This is my partner in life, parenting, and Ministry. My husband since 2000!

There is nothing more healthy than the relationships in your life. I pray and hope that your relationship with your spouse or close loved one is open for communication, and constantly with words of gratitude. Daily I am genuine and thanking him for things he does to help out around the house, with the kids, and with our work. It is imperative that you focus on each other's strengths and celebrate that and honor that and praise them. It is also important to extend forgiveness and Grace for weaknesses. Nobody is perfect especially yourself. So do what you can to again focus on a person's strength to help lessen your focus of their weakness. Think of your strengths and be proud of those. Think of your partners strengths and realize how a great team you are! Know if you and your spouse or partner are not a good team, make sure you are communicating the needs but make sure the needs or problems can be met through the strengths of your spouse. Does that make sense? It is only fair to seek a solution together through you're given strengths. Otherwise you are asking something Beyond what is realistic.