Monday, July 24, 2017

Choices, Changes, and Consistency

Life is a gift to us from God. Living is what we are to do.
Choices are all over the place until we know what we want and who we are. Growing is a lifetime endeavor and better with the right messages, people, and resources.
Thanking God for being with me every step of the way, even when I did NOT know HIM! But now, oh wow, I'm in a great place! I've always owned my decisions, good and not-so-good, LOL.
Just over 5 years ago, I chose to change my mindset on food.
Just over 2 years ago, I chose a total solution for my wellness that included fitness, food, challenge groups for wonderful accountability, and network of other like minded people for living healthy and happy.
Sharing this FB post from 2 years ago helps me CHEER that I am still here, still committed to my choice and my solution. It's working, and it's blessed me WAY more than I could imagine. I never anticipated the quality friendships that have helped me grow (Rhonda my mentor and so many more), the increased knowledge that helps me personally and professionally (gaining wisdom), and the shift in outlook, mindset, and attitude that helps living in this difficult word more fulfilling and enjoyable daily.
Thank you (whomever is reading this) for doing life with me and high-five to growing. To opening the gift of this life from God, making the best of it, and living to our fullest daily. It's a joy to be with people to encourage, motivate, and inspire each other. Let's lift each other up to still be in a good place 2 years from now! Where will you be? I encourage you to start, pick a day 1 and rip off that band-aid! Let's to this. Need lifted up? Reach out! I can help.

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f you've known me (Jackie) anytime between 1995 and 2011, you know that this photo is a personal victory, and I'm still a work in progress.#lifestylechanges!

Hello All, This is NOT EASY TO DO, but I know I was inspired for years by others' stories. I've been challenged, by a peer group of others on their improved life journey, to put myself (my story) 'out there' to encourage others as well. I've been hesitant, but with recent events, I'm learning life's too short to not experience a small risk to be able to help/support/inspire others the hope of reaching their full potential no matter their resources, story, situation, etc.
While I was having kids, I left 'myself go' knowingly. During the last pregnancy in 2010, I had hope for getting to my pre kid weight, whik I was approaching my heaviest and watching biggest loser, extreme makeover weightloss edition, etc.
In 2011, a day came where I realized certain ingredients were keeping us fat, tired, allergies, colds, flu-like symptoms, and for me I suffered PCOS with stress induced/seasonal hypertension. The eating change came with a struggle and huge learning curve, but as the health & results improved (beyond expectations), there was NO going back.
A natural plateau came in 2013. I expected that, but for me the REAL challenge was to avoid backsliding and gaining any back. I lost 100 pounds and have kept 90 off for 2 years (a huge personal victory).
This year 2015, I knew I wanted to add fitness to this journey to healthier lifestyle. I joined a network of the most amazing people to keep me focused forward. I've not been perfect nor claim to be, but I do have focus and know the lifestyle to health is ever evolving.
It's been a joy for the past 3 years to privately guide and give hope to others to their journey during struggles and victories through my discreet health ministry. Where ever you are in your life’s journey, know you don’t have to do it without support. I’m here to lend an ear or encouraging voice (or can point you to resources). Support increases long term success.
Fully confessing, I’m cringing as I send this post, but pray that I can at least encourage one more person willing to change towards a healthier lifestyle at their pace, with their resources, when their season comes to do so. God bless you all.
Your Health Friend,