Monday, June 12, 2017

How may I help you free and unconditionally?

Hello y'all, I'm Jackie Davis @healthywitness
A passionate wife since 2000, mom of 4, and healthy living educator with enthusiasm for nutrition, fitness, and self care.
In Oct 2011, I changed my knowledge on healthy eating, realizing there were too many MYTH Health foods out there keeping me sick and overweight. My personal results like rarely getting sick, getting off BP meds, and being PCOS & Candida Free through FOOD CHANGES absolutely inspired me to reach out to others and help with their health goals through some simple adjustments in lifestyle.
I became a Beachbody coach in 2015 to increase my resources and support community for long term maintenance (at a discount), to be trained better on helping others in person and virtually, and honor my late mom who would be here if she had help, resources, and support for Healthy Living. My services are still FREE!
Before this life, I retired from Corporate Marketing/Branding and shifted into motherhood (2004) followed by our family pursuing life as full time Christian missionaries in Central America (2006).
So I am now a Married, Mom, Missionary, and Motivator, How may I help you free and unconditionally?