Monday, May 22, 2017

It's learning, living, and never giving up that matters!

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It's learning, living, and never giving up that matters! <3 In this photo, I was SO HAPPY, and Joyful with my life, but I was clueless to the reality I was headed into... In photo (2011): - Loved that I am happily married. - Loved being a mom times 4!!!! - Loved what I saw in the mirror. - Loved being blessed by God and family. - Loved the nonprofit God called us to start. ...and more. In reality: - I was everything listed above, but... clueless to a huge life change with the help of God in about 6 months later. - I never saw or would call my self 'obese', I was plus size. - I was not 'heavy', I had curves. - It was not on my radar that I was on a path to any ill health. 6 months later: - I had gotten sick. Very sick, flu-like. After labs and more, it was clear I had a candida episode. 3 days later: - I changed my eating - HEALED and side affect was fat loss - no 'diet' just learn what ingredients were making me sick 18 months later (2013): - Zero symptoms of Candida, PCOS, IBS, or High BP - Gained energy, no more achy joints - Reached high school size, but felt better than ever - Realized "HOW BIG I WAS in 2011" I has NO CLUE! :( 18 months later (2015): - Added home fitness that my OUT OF SHAPE body could do - Feet were in pain from severe bunions - Kept doing what I could as long as I could - Maintaining the weight loss too! 2016: two feet surgeries - worked out in between surgeries - maintaining weight through eating well - took off fitness last half of year 2017 Restarted Fitness journey that I started in 2015 #ALLin - Started and completed 3 programs (y) - Then fitness burnout - Then restarted, but just discouraged - Took weeks off, ate bad for Bday and got sick TODAY: - RESTARTED Fitness....! - Different realistic personal Plan, Approach - Increased focus/mindset, and my rules - Newest program in my streaming fitness (added last week) was SO FUN and DOABLE! Kids had a blast with me!! Looking back... - Baby steps - Stay Focused on Health Goal(s) - Self care is WISE & Responsible (not selfish) - I have time to do this - Spend time and money on Health or Sickness, I choose Health! The was new, a challenge, and now I feel so great! - jackie - not perfect, just living as best as I can and feeling great trying WOOT! Do you struggle with Nutrition and/or Fitness? Or is it just me? Message me, I'd love to hear YOUR story. <3 If you'd like to try the streaming fitness, you can for free, no obligation. comes will MEAL PLANS/GUIDES, Fitness Journals, Recipes, and MORE.

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