Monday, April 10, 2017

New Flavor for New YOU!

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You may or may not have heard but my favorite daily Shake packed with super food that helps me achieve and maintain my health goals so easily, added two new flavors yesterday! Vanilla and Cafe Latte.

I personally drink the "plant-based ingredients shakes" also called the "vegan formula" because I try to avoid Dairy like the plague because of my former issues with PCOS, IBS, candida, and high blood pressure. Not to mention the excess weight I used to carry. Totally not necessary and easily taken off with a few food adjustments. I'm proof!
Whether you have tried this brand in the past or not, I am inviting you to check these flavors out. The good news is, if you don't like it after 3 weeks, send it back for a full refund even if the bag is empty. That's pretty cool huh? Know that your purchase will be a wise choice in taking care of your health in addition to supporting missions in Guatemala.
Right now, click this link and order your bag with no risk.
If you don't want to pay full price, message me on other options. There's no need to pay full price.
Keep reading below or watch this video for more information:
This bag alone is $129 before shipping and taxes. There is a new Combo pack for only $160... where you can get one 30 day bag of Shakes.... Plus 12 months access to every single workout offered by the parent company from MMA to dance to intense cardio to yoga and more. There's also a cooking show and access to hundreds of recipes with meal plans and menus and more. Everything is already laid out for you. All you have to do is print it out and do it. The fitness plan, and the meal plan. I know, too easy, right?
The combo pack also comes with a bonus portion fix guide booklet and the containers to help remind you of portions and food groups so your body is either in a maintenance or weight lost mode. Let's make sure we're not having muscle loss as we age. Let's make sure we create an environment of Health in our body and not a home for illness or disease.
I know because I was completely on that path years ago. It took time for me to learn and put things in the practice and now years later I love all these things already laid out for me, short cuts, and the support Community has been priceless.
Oh and bonus, by getting this combo pack and you will be have a club membership for 12 months which entitles you to 10% discount off of any future purchases and that includes your next bag of superfood shake mix. You can pick a different flavor, you can order just one bag or more bags.
You are completely in control. Let me serve and work for you and helping you order, helping you reorder, helping you adjust, change, or even cancel an order. It is all very easy and you don't have to do it alone.
I am here to support you every step of the way or if you're independent I don't have to. You are completely in control I am responsible for letting you know the resources available to you. Your goals, your way, in your time. Let's do this.
Deadline for my next support group is this Friday because the group starts Monday April 17th. No need to overthink this or waste time. Get it now.