Monday, April 3, 2017

Be where you want to be

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Think back 10 years ago where you were and where you were going. Now Think about you and your life today.

10 years ago, would you have imagined being where you are today? Everyone will have the full spectrum of answers to that question. Many of us set goals, plans, and ideas well advanced. Some of us complete and succeed in all of those While others are still trying to reach it and others have given up or had to change them.
It is with great joy to look at my life today and know that I have definitely succeeded and accomplish things I had envisioned while I am in a place where I didn't imagine at this stage in life, it's better. I am glad to be serving God and continuing to be in His Will. I definitely have desires and every time I have them, I check them with God to make sure I stay in His Will. He blesses me.
It is so great to be a stay-at-home mom, helping our kids with her education, teaming with my husband in parenting and for our non-profit, all the while making time to care for me and be responsible for my responsibilities. Ten years ago, I wasn't.
This is all made possible because other women and moms before me. Hearing that struggles are real and that it's possible to get through life challenges really give people hope and encourage moving forward.
💚 Other missionary women and wives and moms have wonderfully shared their rollercoaster ride of this life and staying victorious following God.
💚 Other women who have suffered PCOS shared victories beyond symptoms, infertility, and healing after miscarriage.
💚 Other moms sharing how they do it or don't do it and still the kids are loved and thrive.
💚 Other plus size women who lost weight and kept it off. These women and many more gave me hope! Showed through example, IT'S POSSIBLE!!
It's​ goal to live it and share hope to others. No matter your age or stage, we all need to share and connect more.
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1) you are where you want to be
2) still working on where you want to be
3) no idea where you want to be