Monday, March 13, 2017

Motivation Monday: YOU ALL

Motivation Monday: YOU ALL 😘 I am motivated to be accountable and consistent by those I inspire. The private messages are by far the most rewarding. πŸ’š Some thank me for my posts to show they too can do it if I can (I always hesitate posting, and it's why I didn't do it much my first 2 years of my now 5-1/2 year journey!). πŸ’š Some let me know the new size or two or more smaller they are because they made lifestyle changes for their goal and within their resources encouraged by my results.
πŸ’š Some let me know the improved health and labs they are having with their changes and like me, now have normal blood pressure or even better living PCOS-free! πŸ’š Many on my team tell me they feel better, they aren't winded, they have energy, they got off a med, they are more focused, they are happier and more. ✋ While many share they just can't do any changes yet (or at all) because of resources: lack of time, lack of money, lack of support and more... πŸ’­ I remember being there in 2010 desiring like crazy to be fit and healthy some day. It seemed SO FAR out of reach, or too hard to obtain, but possible seeing others do it. It's a memory and a time I very much remember, remember to lost feeling.
πŸ—“ Then about a year later, the season came, one day it all came to head and I didn't care the cost (time or money) I was going to stop being sick (colds, allergies, flus, etc) and tired (fatigued, exhausted, etc). ⏭ FAST FORWARD: Starting in 2017 every Sunday, I take & enter my measurements, scale, and photos. It's a great way for me to just have various ways to see my progress. (Photos are my fav). You can too. Start now. There are struggles and victories for sure. We didn't get where we are overnight, nor will we get to our desired goal overnight too. So let's do this! one day at a time! I am so very HAPPY with my progress! How are you doing since Jan 1? Start now, do it with me (free). Comment or message me. Attached are my results from January 1 till now. The app is free, even better for me! πŸ‘ With love and understanding, Jackie