Monday, February 27, 2017

Celebrate Victories

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It's been great to Celebrate Victory after 2 bunion surgeries!
Huge victories in that fact that I can stand for the WHOLE Worship session at church and I can do Jumping Jacks! YAY!
I'm in a FB Group where I can support others that have had or are having bunion surgery! I wish I knew about it BEFORE but whatever! There is still recovery and the process, so it's great to know there are other like me!
It's why I am here! I was Size 20-22 at my biggest, I was near 300 pounds, I was infertile before we had 4 kids in 6 years. I experienced a miscarriage. I grew up in a critical home and still discovering who I am. There's more and more I've gone through that I am not ready to make public. I just want to help people. Show support and encouragement and hope!
Sending you all genuine love and prayers! Message me if you need! hugs! - jackie