Monday, January 16, 2017

Plan and Do It

Image may contain: cloud, sky, outdoor and natureLast year, my coach (we have weekly team meetings) would mention a workshop she did that helped her get where she is. The workshop encouraged you to write down your "Perfect Day" ... time you wake, what do you do, time for breakfast, etc. I heard that a few times.

In Early December, I was able to sit and do work for me. I wrote down my perfect day. Three crumbled up papers later, I had made it simple, realistic, and doable. I made a few copies. One for my binder, one for my oldest (to help her with her poor schedule) and one for the wall for hubby to see. They know this is my desire and goal.

On January 2, I implemented it. So far... I'm rocking it! Sure it's only bee a few days, but it's been a STRUGGLE everyday. It is getting a tad easier. Sure I miss sleeping in, but I not get more done. I feel more disciplined.

This was all possible because I was introduced to this by my coach. She lives it and seems very happy and successful. I thought it over a million times. Months later I finally made time to write it down. Then weeks later I am living it!

Nothing happens overnight! Your time is valuable. How are you spending it? Stay focused!