Monday, January 30, 2017

Get it down, Let others know, implement!

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It is incredible to explain how great it is to have a daily plan and weekly plan.
Now what I do exactly every day isn't planned, it's just having the timeline schedule. As a stay-at-home mom, some days are spent being completely on call for all the kids.
I have now finally entered a season and learned that a more structured schedule is needed for all of us. I worked very hard mentally preparing last fall for this season. In December I sat down and literally wrote out my perfect day (encouraged by my coach).
I then sat down another day with a 12 month calendar, pages I printed from the internet, and better mapped out my weekly and monthly schedule. Then a week ago or so... I transferred my schedule onto my Google Calendar. My family knows my desire and goals now (communication is huge), this is very helpful in order for those around you, that live with you, so they can help support your goals for health.
I get more done now. Setting myself a bedtime so I can wake up early, getting my minimum seven hours of solid sleep for health, to wake up and get my workout in. It seems like as soon as my workout is over, I am ready to start the day and my day goes very well. Thank you all for your support and accountability. It means a lot.
This is all new to me. 🙌💚 loving this