Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Liberating Transformation

This may not be your typical Transformation Tuesday, but for me this is surely a personal transformation forward. It is surely part of my health Journey that started in 2011. I'm challenging myself to share personal victories more publicly so others know they are not alone. 💜

Long story short, this photo shows my first pair of shorts in I don't know how long. Yep, that's right! It's been years! Victory! 🎉 yay.

Backstory for those who like stories...

I was blessed to finally get pregnant after a season of infertility in 2004. I was either pregnant or nursing from then through 2011. I honestly don't remember if I ever had a pair of maternity shorts. I believe I might have had a pair of shorts that I wore around the house but not sure if I wore them publicly.

Why? In 2006 when our firstborn was 1 year 3 months, we had moved ourselves to serve full time in Guatemala. Our family of three at the time, took 12 bags and 6 carry-ons. Again I'm not quite sure if I ever had a pair of shorts and all those bags, but we quickly learned in Guatemala that if you're wearing shorts, you're either playing soccer or a tourist. (We were neither, lol.)

So we pretty much rarely wear shorts (or in some cases for me, a long skirt) no matter what the temperature. This was all done mainly for area cultural reasons.

Fast forward, 2011 to 2013, this was the time frame that my husband and I committed to a new eating lifestyle for health benefits. If we were to lose weight, that would be great, but that was not the primary focus. Health was our Focus.

I can now report to you that during those years, we were dropping sizes every 3 to 5 months (I lost 5 jean sizes and Levi about 10“). For a time, we would wear baggy clothes, then we were blessed with family and friends that would donate clothes to us. This was truly a blessing. We in-turn would donate any clothes too big for us to others in need with our determination to never go back.

When you are blessed with donated clothes, you do not have the choice at times on what clothes you get. In most cases we would get one type of clothes like pants or short sleeve shirts. I can tell you at one point, I only had one long sleeve shirt that fit me for the winter season. I still only have one sweatshirt but that is a sweatshirt we bought on our honeymoon, I wasn't willing to part with (might make it a pillow or part of a quilt some day).

The last primary wardrobe staple that I didn't own was a pair of shorts. Last week, we went to the store to look for shorts. I saw several that I knew would look odd on my short statured legs. Wonderfully, my husband saw a pair of shorts that I wasn't sure if I would like them. I tried them on and immediately loved them. I love the length, the way they felt, the price, and the quality!

This was a great Victory, but that wasn't all. Our kids had finally seen their mom in shorts. Of course, it wasn't without a few giggles or strange faces, but they got used to it quickly.

Then, I needed to get passed any self consciousness about my 40+ year old legs that have been through yo-yo weight loss/gain for 20 years, from yo-yo active to sedentary work/living, inherited spider veins, and more. As I put on those shorts, I figuratively put on my "I don't care, I look great" pants!!!! 👖

This was so liberating!!  I owe it to extreme personal growth in 2015. I also owe it to others who walk with confidence and acceptance of where they are in life (being an example to me). I owe it to this year's journey to "fix my feet" and focus on my goal to walk and run without foot pain all the days I'm blessed with. It's empowering to change one's mindset and have great positive support!

How are you doing? Are you wearing your "I don't care what others think, I'm on my own Journey" pants on? I'd love to support you and cheer you. PM me anytime for positive support!

Live your days as best as you can!

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