Sunday, March 27, 2016

Skeptical and uncertain

Skeptical and uncertain were two words clearly describing me years ago as friends were witnessing to me their health journey, and then they were getting their resources (supporting their health) FREE because their commissions were covering the cost! (Say what!?)

The next thing I know, they are taking vacations (that were actually business trips), and their health results improved and/or their goals were easily maintained with their plan in nutrition and fitness as they stayed consistent, not perfect. (For real!?)

Seeing someone I knew (in person) change before my eyes over social media in their physical health, financially, and in life was something that was not faked or made up. This was the real deal.

I was able to commit and invest to this amazing reality for myself and family about a year ago. This was made possible because I was personally given some "gift money" for Christmas. As a family living 100% on donations, all the funds given to us go straight toward living expenses (unless otherwise instructed). To date, we are still short monthly, so normally I would have used it for that and not gotten myself a Christmas gift.

After processing the potential on-going giving of this gift (health and wealth), I realized it was not just for me to further the health journey I was already on, but to also help in our family's shortage to pay basic expenses (utilities, phone, etc.). These goals are obtainable by staying committed, not perfect.

I made sure I "worked the system" using what I call "loop holes" to make sure I didn't pay full price and got the maximum benefit in this 'investment' in health and wealth. Immediately, I purchased a "Challenge Pack" (there are several) through signing up with the "Coach Account" (there are 3 account options). This was the BEST way to maximize what I got for the lowest price. (Cha-ching!)

It’s exciting to announce that I have reached all my first year as a Beachbody Coach goals in BOTH health (adding fitness) and wealth (starting some income)! Time for new goals and no stopping!

You are invited to this same reality of committing to health with the possibility of wealth! I am looking to add 2 people to my team serious about focusing on health through nutrition and fitness, while having the possibility to make income (yes, while embarking on the health journey)!

Comment below or contact me if you'd like information. I’m here to field any questions too!

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