Monday, January 11, 2016

No perfect journey

You see a person where they are at that moment. You try to envision there life before the moment you meet them. No matter what, you'll never exactly know their journey.
This video was made when I realized how some people perceived me health journey and day-to-day activities, as flawless or maybe even simple.
That is not the case. Please know if you do not know me, I am a mother of four elementary aged kids, I helped my husband run our non profit, therefore I also homeschool all of our kids, we don't have any family or friends nearby to help, and most of our shopping is done at an open market.
Nothing is guaranteed in our line of work, so it's a real go with the flow and hard for planning.
I know my journey is no different than anyone elses. We all have our strengths, weaknesses, and wide spectrum of resources we have and don't have.
Know you're not alone, and I'm here for support.