Thursday, October 22, 2015

Project: A Better Me!

(credit: Lewis Howes)
In addition to Physical Health, I've been working on mental & emotional health! We all should do this, always! 

In "my world", I'm fine the way I have always been. I "own" every thought, word, and action. They have not been 'perfect' or at times 'right', but it was me (at that time/moment).

Now, I can admit that during my pregnancy and nursing years (2004-2011), I was very hormonally imbalanced due to poor food choices and the obvious imbalance of hormones during pregnancy and nursing, in ADDITION to my endocrine issues with PCOS!

So, what's my point? I have noticed a huge change since I stopped nursing #4 back in 2011. I have worked very hard on the food changes and greatly notice a change since 2011, and slowly in years past but even more so this year, I realize I am more in control of "my world" thank I think! When I am depressed, *I* Can change it by drawing on resources. When I skip a workout, well it's my fault even if the day was PACKED with stuff. Examples could fill this page, but I won't. With any and all examples, I realize that the common factor is me, in all scenarios! So I need to be the one to CHANGE and MAKE IT WHAT I WANT/NEED!

Controlling my Actions, Reactions, and Mindset have been key! So to Rise to the occasion or during an occasion, I have to work to make it what it needs to be for me. Making it pleasant, possible, or positive is my personal responsibility! Drawing on others as a resource for knowledge, wisdom, and experience is key to helping when you feel like you just can't or don't know how to get through. Fill your life with People that are also on a journey to be better or have conquered being better! These encouraging and motivating messages should fill your day to keep a mindset to always be prepared when junk comes your way!

I see myself as a WORK IN PROGRESS as I learn to LET GO, or as this photo says "Give Up". It's liberating! Be Free! Be a Better You!

- Jackie, your Health Friend

Above Posting Inspired from this post by Lewis Howes: