Tuesday, August 18, 2015

You Deserve Support

     This video below is about 8 years too late for my mother. Today she would have turned 71. She suffered from COPD for as long as I could remember. I was still blessed for her to see me graduate from high school, get my Associates degree, get my Bachelor's degree, get married, and have my first child and then pregnant with my 2nd of four. She was awesome and taught me to be driven.

     It's her story that drives me today. "Live your days as healthy as you can" came from the passion inside me that we all need to do what we can with what we have without giving up and throwing in the towel on our self. I think she did and tried. Support for her lacked and maybe because she was very independent too. She also passed on her passion to help others because she worked in a hospital for 20 years caring for others. I remember going on rounds with her, and there were patients that rarely had visitors. She did what she could to make them feel special and loved because we all deserve that.

     So I reach out to anyone who thinks they can do it alone, or to those who know they cannot, please have support. I want you to know you are special and loved. This is an open invitation to have unconditional support in your goals.

     Seeing this testimony below in the video bring tears of sadness because I miss her, but tears of joy knowing others can heal if they try and have support. (all results vary) I am here to support you in memory of my mother. It's what drives me extra in my passion to helping other achieve their full potential in life.

     I celebrate my mother's birthday honoring her life and not her illness. She'd be so glad to see me helping other with resources and support. She had these qualities in addition to being the best mom she could be. Thanks mom, here's to hoping we can help one person today!

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Your Health Friend,