Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Here I Am...

Well here I am ready to add fitness to my healthy lifestyle for life, for my life! This is a weakness because we travel, I school my four kids in four different grades, I am the coordinator of two very large member organizations supporting hundreds of people around the clock, in addition to being a full time missionary, and then of course my priority is supporting my husband in all he does. 

So, I now I can fit in 20-30 min a day of ACTIVE HEALTH into the whole mix, can't I? 

I need the support and help and encouragement that I give so many. This is NEW too! To ask for help! It is something I am not used to doing and so NOW, now is the season where I get REAL and say, HELP! I know with my successful eating lifestyle that lead to a 100 pound loss and keeping off 90 pounds was only possible through SUPPORT and accountability. Fitness and activity will need to be the same!

I am a former highschool and college athlete so I've been there, in great shape and I want to go back and stay there! Plus I am in this for the LONG HAUL! 

Let's Do This! Will you do it with me?!

- Jackie @HealthyWitness