Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Let's do this!!

I've still been eating right!! Sure I still have times of over eating and times of knowingly eating wrong ingredients, but I am so happy to report, I have kept off 90 of the 100 lbs lost,  2 years later!!

October is almost here, and it marks the anniversary of when I realized FOOD CHOICES were making me sick and fat. I am blessed and have always loved what I saw in the mirror, but being sick is not an option for a wife, mom of four, and volunteer that travels.

Praises for the changes! So blessed and glad my husband joined meand we've recruited the kids to eat better, still not perfect but Way Better!

I'm here and haven't forgotten you. I'm busy on my facebook page @healthywitnesspage or on Pinterest @healthywitness, twitter @healthywitness, and instagram @healthywitness

Love to privately encourage others. Do not do this journey alone!

My recent photo for accountability...