Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Munchie Cure: Celery is more than you know!

It is not something I ate as a kid. No, "ants on a log" for me, no thank you. I barely ate celery in soup and never tried it with cream cheese.

In October 2011, I had gotten sick. It was a 24 hour issue with my system. Labs showed I had too much yeast, Candida. So I searched and searched online. Candida Diet - this and that. It was quite a strict elimination diet. I understood what it meant and the benefits. I felt since this was a first time episode for me, I didn't need to do the 4 to 5 month suggestion. I read the Atkins Phase 1 (Induction) to remind me of the allowed foods and restrictions there (it had been seven years since 'doing' Atkins.

The refresher was great and I printed out the major do's and don'ts for the Candida diet and for Atkins Phase 1. DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a doctor or dietician, just an overweight person like most of America. I have done Atkins under Doctor's care before. Learned a lot with the monitoring, blood work, fitness, and weight loss with successful weight management. Please seek your doctor for your particular needs!

All (non-starchy) veggies were good-to-eat for both elimination diet plans. So, I bought some celery. Cleaned it. And started eating it! Immediately I could tell it was GREAT for your body! I even gave some to my oldest daughter who has had undiagnosed stomach pains... we've tried prunes and diet changes, you name it. Celery did her wonders too! I did a search for Celery and Digestive system and got an amazing article tat confirmed what I thought, immediately about this veggie wasn't excited for as a kid but was liking very much as an adult! This Article about celery confirmed my thoughts about celery while educating me more. What I got from it...
  • You should eat 1 cup a day!
  • Best for your digestive system!
  • No matter your specific diet, Celery is "OK" to have!
So if you are CRAVING to EAT between meals or even between a meal and a snack, or yes even a late night snack, EAT CELERY!!! It's crunchy and if you get a good stalk, it's yummy plain! If you need help eating it, then put some peanut or almond butter (read labels) or Cream Cheese (or use what is 'ok' for your eating lifestyle).

I wish I was a Celery Farmers spokes person or had stock in it, because I think this is the NEXT BIG THING! Amazing benefits for your health and your body will thank you!